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Books - what are you reading?   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 5/10/18 by LvlSlgr; 66873 views.



Listening to John Irving's "Last Night in Twisted Riving". I am 9 CD's in have eleven to go. That's right 20 CD's about 24 hours total. Great book as usual for Irvine. I have 3 Craig Johnson's Books all from the Longmire  TV series  now playing on Netflix. Read those during the day.

Albert is doing well. He just woke up and patted my arm.

Happy reading all. KNIMtheTOAD


From: LvlSlgr


Hey, hey, hey everyone! So how many of you are reading more than ever with the "social distancing" in effect??? I finally  finished reading the book by William F Buckley, Jr. and have read 3 more books since then. Two novels and one biography. I'm currently reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" and hope to be done with that in a few days.




Just finished The Walking Drum by Louie L'amour about 12th century foreign lands. Kind of adventure not like his Westerns. I have his The last of the breed about american Indian pilot  who is shot down over Russia and walks his way through Siberia to escape. Very good.

When crawdads sing, by Delia Owens.

Everything Everything, 

A week  in winter, Maeve Binchy

A cat who went into the closet,  Lilian J Braun

A great book to read now is Alas Babylon By Frank. A teacher wrote about what would happen in aftermath of nuclear war and how a small town survives. One of my favorites it will have you making list. 

A few others the library is closed so friends  drop off a wide range of reading.  beggars can't be choosers. 



From: LvlSlgr


I've got "When Crawdads Sing" on my list but haven't purchased it yet.


From: mmpendo


KNIMtheTOAD said:

A week  in winter, Maeve Binchy

I do luv Binchy, I thought I had read all her books, 2-3 times each. But now I must search online for this one. Our libraries are closed also.

Thank you for the referral. 

Stay safe and happy.


From: rossiking


Thanks for the advice. I advice you to read "A Midsummer Night's Dream". What’s not better than reading and watching fairies and parents getting in the way of true love? Who doesn’t like seeing people get turned into donkeys? When libraries are closed, it's best to read online classics. Now I'm reading "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare and I'm finding more helpful hints at the same time to write a study about this remarkable, and I find myself very drawn to the work. Who read?

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GET IT. When Crawdads sing. Very good. I am just re-reading(listening)  And catching parts I missed the first time around.


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MUST add to all readers, Goggle local  Library's  for free on line audio books.

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi rossiking

Studied A Midsummer Night's Dream in my senior year at school (many years ago).  As part of our assessment we then had to perform the play.  Guess who got the part of Bottom???  But we all had a good laugh when I got turned into a donkey.  I haven't re-read it in ages but your words bought it all back.  Thank you.  When it comes to Shakespeare's works I much prefer his comedies to his darker dramas.  Loved The Importance of Being Ernest & Much Ado About Nothing. 

Our library is also closed but we can access books online.  I have been doing this for several years now but find it a bit more limiting than going to the library & browsing the bookshelves. 

I have eclectic tastes when it comes to reading.  Currently reading Agatha Christie.  I was given "The Complete Miss Marple Short Stories" and another multi-story book with 3 stories - "Nemesis"; "Sleeping Murder"; and "At Bertram's Hotel".  Enjoying the eccentricities in the stories.

Dot sunglasses  earth_asia

I recently bought a copy of Alas Babylon - the original post-apocalyptic novel. It’s harrowing & frightening & well worth reading. It literally created the genre. Follow up with One Second After by William Forstchen. That one will curl your toenails. Followed by One Year After, which I haven’t gotten yet. 

I’m also getting a lot of e-books on my phone from Libby, since our libraries have been closed for a couple months & I’ve read everything I had checked out. 

Continuing with the Magical Cats by Sofie Kelly & the Dexter series by Jeremy Lindsay, & Phillip Pullman’s trilogy - ready to continue with Lyla’s Oxford, which I’ve just received. Little Women soon to follow - incredible, but I’ve never read it. Also waiting for another Ruth Ware & Robert Parker. Tried a Daniel Silva novel that was recommended, only to find out it’s #21 in the series confounded, so now I’m waiting for the 1st book in the series. 

For when I need a physical book in my hands, I’ve restarted reading Ben Bova’s Grand Tour beginning with Powersat. Wonderful books!