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Books - what are you reading?   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 5/10/18 by LvlSlgr; 139235 views.

From: RavenofGA


I read some of Stephen King's Dark Tower series many years ago when they first came out.  I didn't really remember a lot about it so I decided to read them all again,  I'm on book three of the series and I'm really enjoying it.  After I finish all 7 books, I'm going to read Herbert's Dune series again.  I read them when they first came out and even saw the movie but, like the King series, I don't remember a lot of the one's after the first one.  Figured I'd refresh my memory.


From: LvlSlgr


Hi Raven!

I know what you mean about reading books years ago but not remembering them well. I've gone back and reread most of the classics I had to read for school ... 40-50 years ago. Plus added some others which I never read.

I'd like to go back and read the books by Dick Francis if I had the time. He's the author that got me hooked on mysteries. Maybe one of these days.

Right now I'm reading The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every President by Chris Whipple. Eisenhower was the first President to have a Chief of Staff ... because that was something he was used to as a General in the Army. Kennedy didn't see the need but his brother Bobby, who was Attorney General, did some of that work also. From Nixon on they've all had a Chief of Staff. It's a very hard, stressful job and one that a person can't handle for much more than a couple of year. The book goes through all but the last one for Trump. I'm up to the Clinton years. It's interesting reading.