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Started Sep-8 by dustyretired; 472 views.

From: PenWeb


Hi dustyretired!!!

Welcome to MC and the Forum!

I am a member of the Consortium, and will invite you and your sister to my 4 games; Nell, Nell2, OneCent and GMA , ASAP.

The Fall Event should be happening soon, and we Consortium members help you acquire items needed to earn pets and achievements if you put those items on your wish list.

Again, Welcome, and Happy Hunting!


From: Honeyphan


Hi - and welcome to both you and your sister! :)
I will send you an invite to my game in a bit - I go by Honey there.

Once the Fall event starts, next month, you'll want keys to open the two private event rooms that will be used for that (and 2 more keys for the Christmas one coming on the heels of the Fall Event), so you can play the HOS there (which will net you 250 coins a pop) - So be sure and do the Trina quests for golden keys when you reach that level to gain at least 2 of the keys now - to open those fall event rooms. You will also be able to play your friends' rooms (the HOS there) once a day - and gain oodles of money that way. :) Soooo helpful for the expensive Character quests... oh- and put ghost traps and holiday wands on your wish list to be able to easily partake in the egg hunt featured during Fall and Christmas events. :)

Read all about season events in the complete index - tips, tricks and guides -

And welcome to the castle! :)


From: dustyretired


Thank you for the great information on the events. 

Appreciate the quick responses and the all the invites.  Honeyphan, you mentioned expensive Character Quests. This game is like a roller coaster ride. Long slow chug chug up hill trying to make coins. You reach your goal at the top, then whoosh, you are flying down, enjoying the ride. Then very quickly you are at the bottom and then you are slowly chugging back up again to make coins.  Yes they can be very expensive. 

Sincerely appreciate the help everyone is offering.


From: dollymix16



I will send invites. I play as dollymix


From: dustyretired


Received the invite. Thank you