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How to change MC to a new ipad   Technical Issues

Started 9/15/20 by pepita933; 570 views.

From: bajon


I recently bought new iPad and did not have to contact big fish.  Everything was already there. I assume it was because of the cloud.


From: attie1234


Good Morning Pepita!  The first thing is to be sure and back up your iPad/game to iCloud and then when you start you new iPad it will let you download/restore everything from icloud to your new iPad. Good Luck and let me know if you have any problems. bird Attie


From: pepita933


Okay, I'll do it again!  I first contacted them Labor Day week.  They are either overwhelmed, or just really slow.  I wonder if this pandemic plays a part.  Thank you for your help!


From: pepita933


I don't know how to back up my game on the cloud for my iPad!

sorry, I'm such a low techie!

pepita933, I don't have an iPad and have no idea really.  But I looked it up on the internet and it seems fairly easy.  Make sure you're connected to the internet, go to Settings>(Your Name)>scroll down to where it says iCloud>tap on that>then tap on Back up Now.  Leave connected to internet until backup is complete.  You can check the internet for instructions on downloading from iCloud to iPad.  Let me check around here,  I think AEG gave instructions somewhere.

TJ (StarBlazes)

From: TJ (StarBlazes)


Hi Pepita, sorry I’m late seeing this you definitely can do it on your own no need to contact any one, unless you want to let Apple do it, when you buy a new iPad. What others have already said you need to make sure you have current back up saved to the I cloud follow the directions that White Butterfly gave. Settings > your name > then I cloud one thing she didn’t mention this is very important make sure MC is toggled green along w/ anything else you want to be transferred to your new iPad pictures ,apps ect those items need to to be toggled on so they will look green only those selected will be updated. After that on the same screen where you select your apps scroll down to find I cloud back up click on that make sure it’s also toggled green from there you can create your back up by clicking back up now. Once that’s done your ready to transfer. Unlike contacting BF as PC users have to do nothing will be lost not even friends it’s a very easy process. But if you feel nervous about making sure all your stuff will be transferred safely Apple peeps will help you through the process you only have to do it on your own if your not going into the store. I’m sure everything will go smoothly good luck let us know of your success once it’s done blush