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Alpha Game 159 The 1990s   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 3224163 views.

Kitchen Klutzes of America Day (June 13) - All kitchen klutzes of America today can relax. It's their day, that is why even if everything goes wrong and the pie and cookies are burnt, all fingers are cut, the glass is broken, the roast is underdone, relax, don't worry and be happy. These things happen from time to time even to the chefs! The restaurant chefs, when they were apprentices, used salt instead of sugar, soda instead of baking powder and spilled milk. So let's face the truth: everyone has a bad day in the kitchen. Today you have to enjoy, as far as June 13 is only yours holiday. While everyday celebrates some kind of food, Kitchen Klutzes of America Day is only for you and it honors your everyday struggles to make breakfast or delicious dinner for your family. Don't worry and keep a medical kit (together with fire extinguisher) in the kitchen.

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Laugh at Work Week - For one week each year the world celebrates Laugh at Work Week - a week dedicated to having fun at work and recognizing the business value of humor and laughter. Appropriately, the week begins on April 1. That's right, April Fools Day, the day in which pranks, stunts, practical jokes, and spoofs abound.

Make Mine Chocolate! (Feb 15 until Easter) - The Make Mine Chocolate! campaign was created to address the problem of unwanted Easter rabbits by encouraging parents to choose stuffed or chocolate rabbits rather than live rabbits.


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National Ice Cream Month is celebrated each year in July and National Ice Cream Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in July, in the United States. The celebrations were originated by Joint resolution 298 in the United States Senate, which was sponsored by Senator Walter Dee Huddleston of Kentucky on May 17, 1984 and Joint resolution 543 in the United States House of Representatives, which was sponsored by Representative Kika de la Garza of Texas on April 11, 1984. The resolution proclaimed the month of July 1984 as "National Ice Cream Month" and July 15, 1984, as "National Ice Cream Day". It was signed into public law by President Ronald Reagan on July 9, 1984 with Presidential Proclamation 5219.

And adding a personal note about this - I was working at Dairymen, Inc. (a co-op for dairy farmers in the Southeast USA) in Louisville, KY during this time and know for a fact that our company and our public relations officer were instrumental in getting Senator Huddleston to sponsor this bill. I worked at DI for over 15 years 1979-1995. I was planning on retiring from there but they merged with another co-op and we were all out the door.

O. Henry Pun-Off Day (Third Fri of May) - The O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships is a yearly spoken word competition that takes place every May at the O. Henry Museum in Austin, Texas. Started in 1978, the Pun-Off gathers fans of wordplay to celebrate the pun, which English poet and literary critic John Dryden called "the lowest and most groveling kind of wit." The event has been organized and run since 1990 by Austinite Gary Hallock.

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Quaker Calendar - Early Friends objected to the names of the days and months in the English language because they were of a non-Christian origin. Sunday was called as such by the Saxons because it was the day they sacrificed to the sun. Monday was the day they sacrificed to the moon; Thursday was the day they sacrificed to the god Thor; and so on. Quakers thought it inconsistent for Christians to continue using the names of heathen idols. In an effort to distance themselves from these references, they created their own calendar terms using numbers, which seemed to them to be the most rational approach. Days of the week were known as First Day' for Sunday, Second Day' for Monday, and so forth. They used no other names but these, either in their spoken conversations or in their letters. Similarly, the months of the year were known as First Month' for January, Second Month' for February, and so forth. If you were a Quaker, you were expected to adopt these practices in your daily life.

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The Reading and Leeds Festivals are a pair of annual music festivals that take place in Reading and Leeds in England. The events take place simultaneously on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the August bank holiday weekend, sharing the same bill.

Reading Festival | Richfield Avenue » 27 - 29 August 2021

It may yet happen!

Reading Festival | Richfield Avenue » 27 - 29 August 2021

Stick Out Your Tongue Day (July 19) - It is unclear whether the anonymous inventor of this made-up holiday intended it to be a day for people to stick out their tongues at everyone they come across or for them to visit their doctors to get a general check-up. It is also possible that the creator of this unofficial holiday created it to encourage people to defy odds and attempt things that they find difficult to do. Many cultures consider sticking out the tongue at someone as a childish, rude, and insulting gesture. In these cultures, when children stick out their tongue at adults, it is seen as an act of disobedience. In Tibet, however, sticking out one's tongue is considered to be a polite form of greeting.