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Alpha Game 162 Trick or Treat   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 3730106 views.

Pankration (was a sporting event introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC and was an empty-hand submission sport with few rules. The athletes used boxing and wrestling techniques, but also others, such as kicking, holds, joint-locks, and chokes on the ground, making it similar to modern mixed martial arts. The term comes from the Greek παγκρ?τιον, meaning "all of power," from π?ν "all" and κρ?τος "strength, might, power.")

The story of Arrhichion ("the most famous of pankratiasts") who died defending his championship at the 54th Olympiad......................

Arrhichion was one of the most famous of all pankratiasts. He was a three-time champion in the Olympic games, having won the event in 572 BC, 568 BC and 564 BC. His final victory was also his last game, because he died in the ring. But how is it possible to be a winner and be dead at the same time, when the rules of the game state that whoever was subdued in a Pankration match was automatically defeated? According to the story that has been told and retold for millennia, Arrhichion’s unnamed opponent had him in a literal death-grip by the neck, and was steadily applying pressure in an attempt to get Arrhichion to submit. However, Arrhichion would not concede, and continued to fight back as his opponent suffocated him. At that moment, Arrhichion’s trainer shouted to him: “What a noble epitaph you’ll receive if you do not submit—'He was never defeated at Olympia.’” These words gave Arrhichion strength, and just as he was about to pass out, Arrhichion inflicted a blow on his opponent’s foot, breaking his ankle. The pain from his ankle was so severe that Arrhichion’s opponent was forced to release his hold. Nevertheless, Arrhichion slumped to the ground dead. Philostratus gives a detailed account of Arrhichion’s last match. Accordingly the antagonist of Arrichion, having already clinched him around the middle, thought to kill him; already he had wound his forearm about the other’s throat to shut off the breathing, while, pressing his legs on the groins and winding his feet one inside each knee of his adversary, he forestalled Arrichion’s resistance by choking him till the sleep of death thus induced began to creep over his senses. But in relaxing the tension of his legs he failed to forestall the scheme of Arrichion; for the latter kicked back with the sole of his right foot (as the result of which his right side was imperiled since now his knee was hanging unsupported), then with his groin he holds his adversary tight till he can no longer resist, and, throwing his weight down toward the left while he locks the latter’s foot tightly inside his own knee, by this violent outward thrust he wrenches the ankle from its socket. The judges ruled that as his opponent had submitted, Arrhichion was the true victor, and crowned him such, making him the only Olympic athlete to win a title post-mortem. Although the story itself is true—at least we believe so—there has been a few debates on the manner of his death. Some believe that Arrhichion died from a broken neck and not asphyxiation, because before a man dies from loss of oxygen, he passes out, after which the choke hold has to be maintained for a sustained period to deny his brain of oxygen. Scholars point out that the referrer overseeing the match would have noticed Arrhichion’s limp body and stopped the match before the choke became lethal. Alternatively, if Arrhichion’s opponent released the hold after Arrhichion had broken his ankle, then Arrhichion’s blood supply to the brain would have been restored and Arrhichion would have merely become unconscious. Arrhichion’s death, some argue, must have been instantaneous, which is only possible if his neck broke. Another theory suggest that Arrichion died due to sudden cardiac arrest. After his death, a victor statue of Arrhichion was set up in the marketplace at Phigalia. It is one of the oldest dated Olympic victor statues. The statue is now at the Museum of the Olympic Games in Olympia.

What remains of the statue.....

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Qieyang Shenjie, also known as Qieyang Shijie is a Chinese race walker. She was born in Haiyan, Haibei T.A.P, Qinghai province, and her family are herders. She won silver medal in the Women's 20 km walk race in 2012 Summer Olympics in London. She is the first ethnic Tibetan to compete and win a medal in the Olympics

Shijie QIEYANG | Profile

Rope Climbing (was an Olympic event from 1896 to 1932. The 1896 rope climbers were judged not only on how fast they made it to the top, but on the style with which they did it. Talk about subjective. All events after that judged on speed only, however, and whoever made it to the top of a 25-foot rope won. The most impressive win was probably in the 1904 St. Louis games, when American George Eyser, a gymnast, took the event, despite having a wooden leg. The first Olympic rope climbing event—appearing at the inaugural modern Olympics in 1896—was also the most intense. The rope was 14 meters high, just shy of 46 feet. It would never again come close to that height, with the next-highest Olympic rope climb ever contested coming in more than 13 feet shorter. The 1896 competition originally had to be postponed due to darkness, but when it was brought back the next morning, a whole five people showed up to compete. The Zhaoqing Challenge Cup vault final owes it so much. Only the two Greek competitors fully completed the rope climb, with Nikolaos Andriakopoulos taking first place in 23.4 seconds. Standings were supposed to be based on both time and style, but sadly the rules for how style was evaluated have not survived)

The 1986 event....................

Calling it a night.............................

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Skateboarding is a sport that will make its debut in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. It is a sport that involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard.

The Skateboarding will perform both male and female in the park and street. The street will be designed in such a way as it will replicate the street skating with ramps, stairs, and rails. That’s how it will be a testing time for riders to utilize their tricks at the most. The game will permit athletes to skate individually on three-time runs. And thus, it will be analyzed and scored based on the difficulty of their tricks, height, speed, and ingenuity.

12-year-old Sky Brown is set to become Britain's youngest ever summer Olympian after being named in its skateboarding team for the upcoming Tokyo Games. Brown, who is ranked third in the world, will compete in the women's park event this summer as skateboarding makes its debut as an Olympic sport.

Skateboarding in the 2020 Olympics: Pros and Cons – Action Sports Nomad

Skateboarding at the Summer Olympics - Wikipedia

Pita Taufatofua (is a Tongan taekwondo practitioner and skier who lives in Australia. Taufatofua became widely known after footage of his appearance at the opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics oiled and shirtless went viral. He was flagbearer for Tonga in both the 2016 Olympics and 2018 Winter Olympics)

During the parade, he wore nothing but a ta?ovala (a Tongan mat which is wrapped around the waist), with his face and torso appearing noticeably shiny....................

Taufatofua learned cross country skiing in order to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics.................

In April 2019, it was reported Taufatofua would attempt to qualify for the 2020 Summer Olympics, this time in sprint canoeing. He told the BBC, "It's a sport that's close to my heart as it's what my ancestors did for thousands of years when they colonised the Polynesian islands." Taufatofua hoped to qualify for the one-man (K-1) 200-metre kayak event. At the World Canoe Sprint Championships in Hungary in August 2019, Taufatofua finished last in his opening round heat. In order to qualify for the 2021 Olympics, he would have had to win the K-1 200-metre event at the Oceania continental qualifier in February 2020. That attempt was unsuccessful. 

However, in February 2020, he qualified for the 2021 Summer Olympics for taekwondo, after winning gold in the M+80 kg, his second Olympic competition for the sport. 

It is unknown whether he will once again be the flag bearer for Tonga, tune in Friday, July 23 for the Olympics' opening ceremony to find out...........................

********Breaking news..........................Pita Taufatofua will be Tonga’s flag bearer again. This time he will not be alone, Malia Paseka (Tonga's first female Olympian to compete in Taekwondo) will be joining him..........

Taking a break...................


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The United States is the only country in the world to have hosted the Summer Olympic games four times - 1904, 1932, 1984, and 1996. And it is scheduled to hold a fifth Summer Olympics in Los Angeles in 2028. 

1904 St. Louis - Games of the III Olympiad

1932 Los Angeles - Games of the X Olympiad 

1984 Los Angeles - Games of the XXIII Olympiad 

1996 Atlanta - Games of the XXVI Olympiad 

2028 Los Angeles - Games of the XXXIV Olympiad

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Venus Ebony Starr Williams is an American professional tennis player. A former world No. 1 in both singles and doubles, Williams is generally regarded as one of the all-time greats of women's tennis . has medaled five times including winning four gold medals and one silver. She has competed in the last five Olympic Games. After her first-round singles win at Wimbledon on Tuesday, she was asked if she'd play in doubles or mixed doubles in Tokyo.

Venus Williams won her first Games titles 19 years ago, and she hasn't  finished yet! - Olympic News


Wilma Rudolph becomes first American woman to win 3 Gold Medal at one Olympics (Rudolph was an American sprinter,  won three gold medals, in the 100- and 200-meter individual events and the 4 x 100-meter relay at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy. Rudolph was acclaimed the fastest woman in the world in the 1960s and became the first American woman to win three gold medals in a single Olympic Games)

Winning the 100-yd dash..................

1977 TV movie, also starred a young Denzel Washington...................


Rudolph was born prematurely to Blanche Rudolph at 4.5 pounds (2.0 kg) on June 23, 1940, in Saint Bethlehem, Tennessee (now part of Clarksville). She was the twentieth of 22 siblings from her father Ed Rudolph's two marriages

Rudolph suffered from several early childhood illnesses, including pneumonia and scarlet fever, and she contracted infantile paralysis (caused by the poliovirus) at the age of five. She recovered from polio but lost strength in her left leg and foot. Physically disabled for much of her early life, Rudolph wore a leg brace until she was twelve years old. Because there was little medical care available to African American residents of Clarksville in the 1940s, Rudolph's parents sought treatment for her at the historically black Meharry Medical College (now Nashville General Hospital at Meharry) in Nashville, Tennessee, about 50 miles (80 km) from Clarksville. For two years, Rudolph and her mother made weekly bus trips to Nashville for treatments to regain the use of her weakened leg. She also received subsequent at-home massage treatments four times a day from members of her family and wore an orthopedic shoe for support of her foot for another two years. Because of the treatments she received at Meharry and the daily massages from her family members, Rudolph was able to overcome the debilitating effects of polio and learned to walk without a leg brace or orthopedic shoe for support by the time she was twelve years old.

Due to her astonishing speed she was hailed throughout the world as “the fastest woman in history”. They said, ‘Don’t blink. You might miss her. And that would be a shame.’ The Italians nicknamed her La Gazzella Nera (“The Black Gazelle”); to the French she was La Perle Noire (“The Black Pearl”); and back home she was called the Tennessee Tornado.

When Wilma returned from Rome, the Governor of Tennessee Buford Ellington planned to head her welcome home celebration. However Rudolph refused to attend a segregated event. Due to this her homecoming parade and banquet were the first fully integrated municipal events in her hometown Clarksville.


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Wu Xiaoxuan - is a female Chinese sports shooter who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics, where she won the gold medal in the women's standard small-bore rifle 3x20 competition. Wu is the first Chinese female athlete to win an Olympic gold medal.

Wu Xiauxuan, 1984 Summer Olympics (cropped).JPEG

Image result for wu xiaoxuan 1984

Image result for wu xiaoxuan 1984

Yoyogi National Stadium (was constructed to stage the aquatics and basketball competitions for the Tokyo 1964 Games. The arena is famous for its suspension roof design, and has earned a glowing international reputation. The stadium underwent refurbishing for the 2020 Olympic Games)

The swimming/diving area for the 1964 Olympics, the smaller building in the picture above held the basketball events..............

See the source image

For 2020 it will be used for handball, badminton and wheelchair rugby (for the Paralympics).................

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