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Alpha Game 162 Trick or Treat   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 3718006 views.

Softball (will be featured at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo for the first time since the 2008 Summer Olympics. The tournament will consist of six teams. Baseball/softball is one of five sports added to the program of the 2020 Summer Olympics only. It will not return in 2024. The opening match of the event between Australia and Japan means that for the first time since 1996, the opening match of the summer Olympiad is not a football match)

US team will be playing for Gold..........................

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Ryoko Tani is a retired Japanese female judoka and a politician. Competing in the extra-lightweight class, she won a record seven world titles and five Olympic medals including two golds at Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. After her retirement, the International Judo Federation named her "best female judoka ever".

Ryoko Tani: A life in judo

Ryoko Tani High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

Kohei Uchimura (is a Japanese artistic gymnast. He is a seven-time Olympic medalist, winning three golds and four silvers, and a twenty-one-time World medalist)

Kohei announced he would be retiring after the Tokyo Olympics. He went to Tokyo to compete only in the High Bar individual event, it didn't go well. He is out of the Olympics...........................

Japan's Kohei Uchimura falls off high bar in men's gymnastics | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

Seven-time Olympic medalist Kohei Uchimura fell of the high bar, his only event in Tokyo, during men's gymnastics qualification. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #Gym...


He is known for being the first gymnast (male or female) to win every major all-around title in an entire single Olympic cycle, accomplishing this feat twice by winning six world (2009–2011 and 2013–2015) and two Olympic (2012 London Olympics, and 2016 Rio Olympics) individual all-around titles.

His nickname is "King Kohei" 

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Velòdrom d'Horta is a velodrome located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was the track cycling venue for the 1992 Summer Olympics and was also the venue for the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in 1984.

The velodrome, designed by Esteve Bonell and Francesc Rius, was built in 1984 as the first of Barcelona's construction projects in preparation for the bid for the 1992 Summer Olympics in 1986. It was the first velodrome built to new FIAC rules permitting a 250 m (270 yd) track if surfaced with wood. The building won the FAD architecture prize in 1985.

It was the last permanent open-air velodrome used for Olympic Track Cycling events (Atlanta's velodrome at Stone Mountain in 1996 was temporary). Olympic velodromes have been built with a roof since 2000.

Velòdrom d'Horta.jpg

Velòdrom d'Horta -

Have to get one reference to MN in.........................

Alise Willoughby (is an American professional "Current School" Bicycle Motocross racer from St Paul, MN. She won a Silver Medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics in BMX Racing under her maiden name of Alise Post. She will be competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics)

Her husband Sam Willoughby was also a BMX racer. He won a Silver Medal in London in 2012. In 2016 he suffered a spinal injury during a training run crash. He continues to recover and coach his wife. The two were married in 2019 where Sam used braces to walk down the aisle and dance their first dance...............

Calling it a night..........................

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Xiao Qin is a male Chinese gymnast. He specializes in the horizontal bar and parallel bars, but is best known for his work on the pommel horse for which he has won Olympic, world, national, East Asian Games, and World Cup titles. He joined the Chinese National Team in 1999 and is part of the People's Liberation Army+

Latest News_Beijing Review

"Yifter the Shifter" (Miruts Yifter was an Ethiopian long-distance runner from Tigray and winner of two gold medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics. Yifter irritated his competitors, shifting between positions throughout the race, before mistakenly using his final gear in the penultimate lap. He would soon earn the moniker “Yifter the Shifter” for his ability to change speeds so rapidly in races)


Miruts Yift was the subject of much criticism during Ethiopia's former military regime, especially for not winning gold medals at the Munich Games, and he was thrown into jail upon his return home. He was soon released but left Ethiopia in 2000 for Canada.

At the Moscow Olympics, part of the mystery surrounding Yifter was the question of his age, which was reported to be between 33 and 42. Yifter refused to give a definitive answer, telling reporters:

"Men may steal my chickens; men may steal my sheep. But no man can steal my age."

The most common versions of his date of birth are 1 January 1938 or 15 May 1944

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Zhong Tianshi is a Chinese track cyclist. She represented her nation at the 2012, 2014 and 2015 UCI Track Cycling World Championships. In 2015, she became world champion in the team sprint and won bronze in the sprint. Zhong competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

File:Zhong Tianshi 2016-08-16.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Incheon, South Korea. 20th Sep, 2014. Zhong Tianshi (L) and Gong Jinjie of  China pose on the podium during the awarding ceremony of Women's Team  Sprint competition of cycling track at the

Round 6......................

Ancient Olympic Games (were a series of athletic competitions among representatives of city-states and one of the Panhellenic Games of Ancient Greece. They were held in honor of Zeus, and the Greeks gave them a mythological origin. The first Olympic Games are traditionally dated to 776 BC. The games were held every four years, or Olympiad, which became a unit of time in historical chronologies. They continued to be celebrated when Greece came under Roman rule, 2nd century BC. Their last recorded celebration was in AD 393, under the emperor Theodosius I, but archeological evidence indicates that some games were still held after this date. The games likely came to an end under Theodosius II, possibly in connection with a fire that burned down the temple of the Olympian Zeus during his reign)

My summer vacation is over, off to work...........................

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The Beijing National Aquatics Centeralso officially known as the National Aquatics Center, and colloquially known as the Water Cube , is an aquatics center at the Olympic Green in Beijing, China.

Beijing National Aquatics Center - Wikipedia

File:Beijing National Aquatics Centre 2016 October.jpg - Wikimedia Commons