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Alpha Game 163 Fictional Characters   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 3865023 views.

Fast Fashion (is a term used to describe a highly profitable and exploitative business model based on replicating catwalk trends and high-fashion designs, and mass-producing them at low cost. The term fast fashion is also used to generically describe the products of the fast fashion business model. The fast fashion business model was made possible during the late 20th century as manufacturing of cloth became cheaper and easier, through new materials like polyester and nylon, efficient supply chains and quick response manufacturing methods, and inexpensive labor in sweatshop production and low-labor protection bulk clothing manufacturing industries in South, South East, and East Asia. Companies like H&M and Zara, built business models based on inexpensive clothing from the efficient production lines, to create more seasonal and trendy designs that are aggressively marketed to fashion-conscious consumers. Fast fashion applies an extreme version of planned obsolescence to clothing. Because these designs are changing so quickly and are so cheap, consumers buy more clothing than they would previously, so expectations for those clothes to last decrease. Stealing designs is also common)

Fast Fashion Explained In Under 5 Minutes

What is fast fashion? How do fast fashion brands like Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Uniqlo, Topshop, Primark and many more affect workers and the environment? Answe...


From: LvlSlgr


Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by dark, mysterious, antiquated and homogeneous features. It is worn by members of the Goth subculture. Typical gothic fashion includes dyed black hair, dark lipstick and dark clothing. Both male and female goths can wear dark eyeliner, dark nail polish - most often black, and sometimes fishnets. Male goths use cosmetics at a higher rate than other men. Styles are often borrowed from the punk fashion (such as spiked wristbands and chokers.) Victorians and Elizabethans. Goth fashion is sometimes confused with heavy metal fashion and emo fashion.

Headband (is a clothing accessory worn in the hair or around the forehead, usually to hold hair away from the face or eyes. Headbands generally consist of a loop of elastic material or a horseshoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal. They come in assorted shapes and sizes and are used for both fashion and practical or utilitarian purposes)

Calling it a night......................

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Isabel Marant is a French fashion designer, owner of the eponymous fashion brand. She won the Award de la Mode, the Whirlpool Award for best female designer, Fashion Designer of the Year at British Glamour's Women of the Year Awards. She was named Contemporary Designer of the Year at the Elle Style Awards in 2014.

Isabel Marant FW21 womenswear #49 - The Fashion Search Engine - TAGWALK

ISABEL MARANT Azina studded leather peplum bustier top

Jaclyn Smith Collection (In 1985 Jaclyn entered the business world with the introduction of her collection of women's apparel and accessories for Kmart stores. She pioneered the concept of celebrities developing their own Brands rather than merely endorsing others. Since that time more than 100 million women have purchased clothing or accessories bearing her name. Awareness of the Jaclyn Smith name and brand by women 35-60 years of age is currently higher than 80% making her one of the best recognized people in America. Industry authority Woman’s Wear Daily reported that the signature Jaclyn Smith line had the highest consumer awareness of any private label apparel brand in the country)

See the source image

See the source image

I actually bought some of her clothing..................


From: LvlSlgr


I think I did also ... way back when. LOL

Having a little fun with this one ...

Kentucky Lottery Scratch Offs fashion show

Gems Scratch-offs! (Extended)

SO MUCH BLING! Your chance at up to $500K is here with Kentucky Lottery's Gems Scratch-offs. Get Game Details:

Love it!!, thinking outside of the box..................

Lobster Dress (is a 1937 dress designed by Elsa Schiaparelli. It features a large lobster painted by Salvador Dalí. The dress is an A-line off-white silk evening or dinner dress with a crimson waistband featuring a large lobster painted by Salvador Dalí onto the skirt. The initial lobster motif was drawn by Dali and printed onto the dress by the silk designer Sache. The dress is also illustrated with sprigs of parsley. The dress is made from printed silk organza and synthetic horsehair.  The lobster dress made its debut as part of Schiaparelli's Summer/Fall 1937 collection)


From 1934, Dalí had started incorporating lobsters into his work, including New York Dream-Man Finds Lobster in Place of Phone shown in the magazine American Weekly in 1935, and the mixed-media Lobster Telephone (1936). Dali saw lobsters as symbolic of sexuality. The lobster is placed low on the dress, between the legs of the wearer, with the tail of the lobster fanning upward toward the wearer's Mons Veneris, and its claws towards her calves.

The dress was worn by Wallis Simpson in photographs taken by Cecil Beaton at the Château de Candé, shortly before Simpson's marriage to Edward VIII. Beaton's photographs of Simpson would be featured in Vogue magazine in an eight-page spread in May 1937. The dress was included as part of Simpson's wedding trousseau. It was illustrated in Women's Wear Daily in May 1937 as a feature on Simpson's spring wardrobe. In her book, Nevertheless, She Wore It: 50 Iconic Fashion Moments, Ann Shen wrote that in Simpson's wearing of the dress "was charged with erotic flippancy" and gave the British public "even more reason to hate Wallis" in the aftermath of her husband's abdication as British monarch. Shen felt that the dress shows "the power of innovation and sexual empowerment in a woman – and the impact art and fashion can have............

See the source image


From: LvlSlgr


Mackinaw cloth is a heavy and dense water-repellent woolen cloth, similar to Melton cloth but using a tartan pattern, often "buffalo plaid". It was used to make a short coat of the same name, sometimes with a doubled shoulder. These jackets have their origins on the Canadian frontier and were later made famous by Canadian and American loggers in the upper Midwest as workwear during the mid-19th century logging boom. In the days of the Old West, heavyweight "buffalo plaid" tartan Mackinaw jackets were worn with knit caps by American and Canadian lumberjacks in the Midwest, Northwest territories and Alaska. By the 1930s, the jacket had also found widespread use as sportswear among hunters and fishermen, together with a knit cap. A variant of the Mackinaw in olive drab was issued to the US Army for cold weather use by Jeep crews. After the war, plaid jackets of this type, manufactured under the Pendleton brand, became popular casual wear for American men as an alternative to the similar Hollywood jacket.

Marlon Brando in a Mackinaw jacket in the movie "On the Waterfront"

"Name" Jewelry

This one is actually called the Tammy necklace (available at Jiggy Jewellery)....................

comes with a matching bracelet...................


From: LvlSlgr


Overalls, also called bib-and-brace overalls or dungarees, are a type of garment usually used as protective clothing when working. The garments are commonly referred to as a "pair of overalls" by analogy with "pair of trousers". Overalls were originally made of denim, but they can also be made of corduroy or chino cloth. Overalls were invented in the 1890s by Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis at Levi Strauss & Co., but they went through an evolution to reach their modern form. Initially only used for protective clothing in work settings, they have become a garment of high fashion as "potential cult items". Overalls have been trending recently and have been prevalent in streetwear. Many high fashion brands have released their own spin on overalls.


Construction worker 

Overalls on the runway