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Big Fish Response to Issues   Technical Issues

Started Sep-26 by kat (vabreeze); 6062 views.



Hey WeesamNZ, although I have not had a problem in 3-4 months, I always received help when asked, sometimes it took awhile. And as stated before, BigFish has had some legal issues With large fine in their Casino games.   See under Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates on left side of screen.  Loss of staff due to COV-19. Their office in Washington was in one of the first  Hot Spots for COV-19 and did loose many employees for that reason. The company then decided to close that office. (not sure if close is temporary) and area is still in hot spot. 

there are many players that can help you with problems as well as material available. Just post under technical Issues and someone will get back to you.  



From: Wendulka


I contacted customer support about transfering my game to a new tablet in august, they never replied. I tried again 8 days ago and still no answer. It's frustrating because i have no way of doing anything about this myself, i have to wait for them to reply. Sadly i haven't been able to play for nearly two months now, except sending gifts to friends, my eye sight got too bad to see the game properly on my phone, so i got a new tablet with big screen but now i just keep waiting. Did anyone manage to get a reply from them recently?

Have you tried contacting Elephant Games? You'll find a link here:


From: Wendulka


Thanks, i contacted elephant games. I really hope i get this transfer done before the halloween event starts.

You're welcome and good luck!!


From: tbearnc


hi, all

i've just reached level 100

does the midnight game end there?

i guess i'm a little confused.

i have no halloween game other then the challenge game for avatars

thank you, for help


Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


the game goes to level 102 currently


From: tbearnc


thank u, robert


From: Wendulka


Elephant games transferred my game from my tablet within a week of emailing them, doing brilliant job, while big fish still didn't reply after 3 weeks. But i thought ny ID would transfer as well but it didn't, so now i have two different games at level 92. That's a good thing, right?

Happy to hear that Elephant Games was able to help you!!

I don't know if you can play both games so I'm going to include 2 other players in this post to see if they know the answer.