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Help with IOS Restore   Technical Issues

Started Jan-14 by BraveGemini; 272 views.

From: BraveGemini


Hi all,

It’s been a long time since I checked in here, but I’ve been playing for years. Here’s the problem:

A few days ago I had a problem with a different game after an update. The next day, one of my favorite games refused to load. In an effort to fix it, I wanted to email that game’s support, which required my iPad to use email. I put in the password associated with the email for my appleID, sent the email, then everything went downhill.

i somehow managed to erase everything from my notes and calendar! I have an iPad backup through iTunes on my PC from January 4. If I restore my iPad, what will happen to the progress I have made in Midnight Castle since then? Is it possible that it will just connect to the server like always and be fine?

Any advice would be much appreciated. I need the info from my notes and calendar back, but I don’t want to mess up Midnight Castle in the process!

Thanks everyone,

Brave Gemini i789947


From: AEGram


If you choose to reset your iPad and then do a restore, you will lose all data that had been entered on that iPad since the date of the backup.

What I don't know is if you then open MC whether their server will notice you've gotten further in the game. 

Bottom line, though, is you really want the notes and calendar back, you have no choice but to do the reset/restore from a backup.