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Current castle challenge   Oh the Absurdity!

Started Mar-4 by pepita933; 777 views.

From: LvlSlgr


pepita933 said:

and it doesn’t look like a spring event.

No, this isn't the Spring event. We probably won't get that for another 3-4 weeks. This is just another Castle Challenge which they gave us to have something else to work toward while waiting for the Spring event.

As far as those pet medallions you earned yesterday ... it seems they should be there based on the way you earned them. Each pet food uses 5 so that means you only had 15. That doesn't make sense. Wish I could help you ... maybe you try contacting BF or Elephant games and they'll reimburse them. But honestly, from what I hear ... it may take a while.

Good luck!


From: Honeyphan


I have found the aquamarine charm a good one to craft - 180 gold, 2 plain stamps, and the ZZs (show in the crafting area, but the ZZ comes from 2 of the main 5) - so do as much of the HOS at the beginning - the broken carriage at castle vicinity - and the well at the castle gates as you can to get those items for the ZZ so as to build up a good supply for when needed to craft... if you don't have enough pet medallions, of course. :)

ETA - looked it up: it's rock garden (the chest at the gates) and astral lamp (the bat shaped token in the castle entry) that give off the ZZ items for aquamarine charm. :)

Vampire sign is another good one to craft- takes 1 plain stamp, 150 gold, and 2 ZZ items from 2 of the main 5 HOS - one being the tree at the castle vicinity (can't remember the other right now...and am too tired to look again. lol sorry. But you can find it in the crafting area. :)

(And when you get the crafting result, shard it, if you are trying for Magic Miser achiemevent ;-))

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From: pepita933


Thank you, I’ll have to start stocking up on keys and the bat thingie from the well!


From: mdpetdoc


Wreaths of Spring are also a good one to craft. You'll have an opportunity soon to accumulate the spring items needed. It doesn't cost any stamps or coins to craft. 

You can also play the puzzles for diamonds so you can purchase pet medallions for the medallion task and then craft food for the crafting task.

  • Edited March 5, 2021 8:46 am  by  mdpetdoc

From: Honeyphan


Oh, yes - wreaths of spring are wonderful to craft when the event is going on - the sharding is very good, 30 to shard (going toward the MM achievement) or 200 for coin if you need that - and there is an achievement for crafting the wreath. :) But the suns required are a little hard to come by - if I remember right, they only fall from the top in getting the morphing objects (someone correct me if I'm wrong - can you get them from the HOS too?) - but you can also put them on your wish list. :) And I recommend doing that now, to build up a good amount before event starts. Carrots too, so as to catch the little spirits that float by ... :) There are achievements for catching each spirit, some of them really good ones (like the stargazer bunny pet who is very good to play in Trina's key area)...

Like mdpetdoc said, crafting wreath of spring for CC  is a win/win/win