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New game   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Mar-17 by LadyJoy0921; 829 views.

From: LadyJoy0921


Thanks for your help, I didn't even think about RAM.  Not a real techie here!


From: kthreads


Yes, you can play two different profiles on Kindle.

You have to set up a second Amazon Kindle account. Amazon thinks I have a kid... wink who also uses my Kindle.
You then start a new game under that new profile. You switch back and forth between the two on your home page. You just scroll down from the top like you want to see message alerts, and it will give you two colored circles, one for each profile. My original Kindle account is a green circle and my "kid's" wink account is an orange circle.

Each account has it's own Amazon password. However, you can link them so that if you want to do in-game purchasing, you can do that. You give the secondary account permission to use your Amazon account for purchases by gong into settings.