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Get ready ----   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Apr-19 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 1000 views.
Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


I didn’t play the last CC so I felt obligated to play this one. I won’t display this avatar either and I’ll choose a different avatar for the 30 tasks.

A lot would have to change for me to ever play another CC ---- those things were a bad habit I finally broke and I sure feel better hanging on to my items as opposed to the avatars they offer as a pitiful and useless "reward".

It would be soooo easy to shake up the CCs ---- new and different "tasks" with differing rewards. 

But they will keep offering the same things with the same tasks because that is what happens when they phone it in.