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My game is gone!!! HELP!!   Technical Issues

Started Oct-12 by Mara1022; 1903 views.

From: AEGram


Mara....unfortunately, the news from the technicians is not encouraging.

LadyAstra explained it so well in a previous post to this thread, but the bottom line is that all your game data (achievements, coins, inventory, event album, avatars....all the game data) is stored on THEIR computers. I'm sure that's so unscrupulous players can't modify their progress, earnings, etc. by modifying the info on their own computer.

In this case, something went awry on THEIR servers and some players game file literally went "poof into the night." Since they have no saved data to show your progress, your computer pushes your game ID to their servers and they think you're a new player starting to play the game. That's how you end up on Level 1 at the very beginning of the game.

Unfortunately....even with screen shots, the technicians vary in what they will give players back from their game data. Some get just a small smattering of inventory, others get a generous amount above what they really had.

IF you know which achievements you had completed, they can give you a "completion" mark in that achievement. But if you had completed Level 2 and were working on Level 3 in an achievement, they can only put you at the beginning of that Level 3, showing Level 2 completed.

I seriously doubt that they could/would restore my game to what I've currently attained. I only need Key Master, but I've already done several of Trina's quests above the 3000 mark for Ace Assistant. I cringe at the thought of losing my game because I know they cannot restore even a part of what I have....and all is needed for my final journey toward Key Master.

While I'm always sorry to hear anyone say they're leaving MC....I truly understand now. Because, if I lost my game and they only gave me back a mere pittance of what I've achieved, I won't say I "can't" start over.....I'll just say I "won't" start over.

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From: Susanna502MC


I saw this morning that you were reset to Level 1. Bummer. Hope your game gets fixed.  Just a thought. When I got reset I went ahead and played. When I got put back to my previous level it looked like my old inventory and friends got added to the new inventory and friends I got in the new game. If you need more friends, I will send an invite from my Navy Blue game once you make the level to have friends.

Susanna (Ginger Sue and Navy Blue on pc)

In reply toRe: msg 2

From: Mara1022


Thank you so very much, AEGram, for your kind words of empathy.  My heart just sank at the sight of my game loss.  I'd been so driven to build up coins that I had stayed up all night playing the HOS circuit over and over many days in the past couple weeks.  All the time wondering if it was really worth it.  But there truly is something magical built into that game, that kept me coming back day after day.  At least I have this....

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From: Mara1022


Thank you Susanna.  If I decide to restart the game I'll take you up on that.  Wouldn't it be nice if they were to be able to restore my whole game.  relieved


From: Susanna502MC


One of the things I appreciate about MC is you can just walk away for a while and then come back when you are ready. The game is very adaptable to how you want to play.

I found that going through the earliest parts of the game was different the second time. I wasn't so obsessed with leveling up and could take the time to enjoy where I was.

My original game (Susanna) is at Level 90, but I don't play it at the moment. It's on my phone and I'm waiting for cataract surgery.

My other android game (Juliana) is at Level 23, also on hold.

One of my pc games (Ginger Sue) is at Level 88. I have a large screen for my pc and it's nice to see a lot of the details I couldn't make out on my phone. The other pc game is at Level 71. (It was on hold for a while, because I just couldn't deal with more than one game.) My main problem is keeping the story straight. So much happens between Level 71 and Level 88.

I think the only reason I saw the Level 1 was because you had sent a gift that I hadn't accepted. Once I did, you disappeared from my friends list. If you come back and get to friends level, let me know.


Kimberly (mtkim)

From: Kimberly (mtkim)


Another one bites the dust.  Michaela/914119.  

I will let you know when my game is restored.  It did give me the same friend code but I'm back to level 1.

Stay safe everyone!


Oh no. So sorry. Be careful with your other games. 


In reply toRe: msg 2

From: Mara1022


I received a response from BFG regarding my game crash.  Here is the important part of their response:

Please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • The original Friend Code (ID). If you have access to your original device, this can be found by tapping on the avatar in the top left. The Friend Code (ID) will be listed there.
  • Your new Friend Code (ID). This can be found by installing the game on the device you'd like to play on. Next, tap the avatar in the top left and the Friend Code (ID) will be listed there.
  • Your username in the original game.
  • The approximate amount of coins, diamonds, and types of pets you had in your original game.

Due to limitations in our tool, we will be unable to credit back progress made towards Achievements, Puzzles, Private Rooms, and active challenges in addition to any progress made to seasonal collections like Ghosts, Snow Globes, or Enchanted Eggs.

It almost sounds like the answers/explanations people are getting are a bit different, maybe dependent on the Customer Service Rep you get to help you.

So I'm busy trying to recall as much info and I can.  I didn't take any screen shots so I have no record.  But I used the list of pets from the Guide to help me recall those.  Interestingly, I have about 80% of the pets on the list!!  Wow!

Not being able to restore Achievements and puzzles doesn't bother me too much.  What does frustrate me is not being able to get my Snow Globes, Ghosts, etc., restored.  I worked hard for those.  (Wiping a tear from my cheek and blowing my nose... ok,  I'm ok,  it's only a game...)

In the meantime, I've been working on my low level game.  Trying to bring it up just a bit, hoping it doesn't get "eaten by the Update Monster".

Kimberly (mtkim)

From: Kimberly (mtkim)


Thank you Norry.  This was my lowest level game, I didn't want to chance my other my other games.  It will be interesting what response I receive from BFG.  So it's not just the higher level games.  


From: lilredhood51


when my tablet crashed and burned a couple of years ago. I sent an email to elephant games. I gave them both the new game that I started on my new tablet and the old game that I had on my old tablet. I took them a couple of months to get my game back.

when I asked Big Fish for help I got nothing from them. Elephant not only gave me back everything that I had in my inventory but tons more pet food and a bunch more coins that what I remembered that I had.

if you don't get a response from BiG fish reach out to Elephant they are the best when it comes to helping you.