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Major issues   Technical Issues

Started Oct-16 by Diannef130; 1539 views.
In reply toRe: msg 6

From: GunnerGypsy


I have been unable to play since my computer had an up-date.  I played a little of the castle challenge and thought I was able to continue to play but since the update, have not be able to get past the Big Fish blue screen.  I came here and saw the banner suggesting not to play, so I don't.  

I am still interested in playing but am unable to get into the game.  Maybe it is a good thing, since I would lose my game and my alter ego's (Gypsy) game, too.

Please keep posting on BFG and EG progress.  Thanks.  Gunner and Gypsy


From: Susanna502MC


I opened another account on my pc (go to Settings/Accounts/Family Accounts). I opened Midnight Castle and got a new player ID at Level 1. It gives me a game to play and if it resets to 1, it would be no great loss. My regular pc games are at Level 71 and 88. I opened them long enough to accept my new game as a friend. Otherwise, I don't plan to play them until the consensus of opinion is that it is safe after the Fall update.


From: GunnerGypsy


Good idea.  I'll try that and see how it goes.  G/G