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datsalotta Excel spreadsheet to inventory your items   Technical Issues

Started 10/25/21 by chilpep; 5315 views.

From: chilpep


Good.  Glad to hear that!!  Gotta have those ghost traps!!!!

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From: datsalotta


To All:

Took over 2 weeks but finally was able to load my recovered game (on PC).

Alotta the items I now have - seems it did not matter how many were on the Excel spreadsheet, are WAY MORE than I requested. PM me for details if you wish.

All my friends are there so don't have to add them.

The recovered game was for level 108 even though I lost the game at level 111. I am now happily levelling up to level 111 in the Twisted Mountain. Also I am levelling up all my Titan Town scenes for the 2nd time. Fun Fun Fun and keeps me busy around the Castle

EG did say not to gift until the FIX download is made available. Here's what she said

Be careful playing the game before the next update. Try your best to not
give/receive any gifts and refrain from going to the Social tab until
the update is released.

I assume this means the "BFGames Manager Update" I just received and downloaded. The next update will be the Winter Event.

ETA - I have since learned that the gifting can commence when / after the winter Event

Happy to see this Excel spreadsheet was received by many with gratitude. It was not perfect but can be edited

Wishing everyone all the best experiences playing MC.

Happy Thanksgiving to my neighbours south of Canada's border.

Christmas coming so happy holidays to all.

datsalotta in a good mood and fully vaxxed

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Your spreadsheet is amazing!  Thank you so much for the time and effort you expended for all of us.  Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.  I too am fully vaxxed AND boosted!   So it's Thanksgiving dinner with the family this year.


From: datsalotta


Hey PCGRAM. Wonderful, even exciting, to be able to spend time with family. Happy for you.

Stay safe,