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Advice needed for Wish List items regarding upcoming seasonalevents   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started 11/19/21 by Lisadengel; 700 views.

From: LvlSlgr


Hi Lisa!

There have been at least 3 posts here in the past day about the Fall Event being canceled. The first one just had a link to a Facebook page and the other two copied and pasted the content of that Facebook page. Here are links to those posts -


From: Lisadengel


Hi!  Thanks for the heads-up.

In light of this, I'm going to remove my Ghost Catchers and the 2 Halloween type items.  Please give me advice on what I should replace those 3 items with on my Wish List!!  :)


Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Lisa, relaxed

LvlSlgr has pointed out that the Fall Event has been cancelled unfortunately.  I, too, was looking forward to it happening . To keep our hopes up, the Winter Event should be in 3-4 weeks time so I guess we have to be patient that bit longer.  In the meantime, if you wanted to get some of the past Fall Event pets, I, as can the rest of the Consortium and our many wonderful supporters, are willing to assist you - those of us that are playing some of our games.  The glitchiest part of the game seems to be the social page including the gifting tab.  I am not playing my main game (played since 2014 and really do not want to lose it) but I am going to play my 2 baby games.  These have plenty of Event items to gift so if you want to still work on getting a past Fall pet or you want to start on getting a past Winter pet send an invite to Kelli Jo  id# 545347  and/or DJ1 id# 450877.

For your information, in the past pumpkins have been used to craft pets, in the CC (Castle Challenge)  and to complete an Achievement (Halloween - All Hallows Jack avatar is reward for stage 3 completion).  Have lots of pumpkins to gift.  Dreadful Ginger is one of the "Halloween Candies", it used in some of the Event quests (eg - find 3 Dreadful Ginger + 3 Toffee Apples + 3 Black Candy and you get coin, 1pet medallion and some past Event items as rewards.)  These only fall from the HOS during the Event and can only be used in the Event so some players sell, shard or gift any remaining candies when the Event finishes.  Some keep just enough to do a couple of quests at the start of the next Fall Event and gift, sell or shard the rest.  The candies can be bought for coin outside the Event but only to gift someone else - you can not buy for your own inventory.  You can buy during an Event for your inventory however. 

If it was my wish list, I would look at

(a) do I want to craft an Event pet.  If not, keep the Holiday wand on wish list because it will be needed in the Winter Event to "catch the Flying Collectibles".  Ditch the ghost trap because Event no longer going to happen.

 (b)  If yes, which one?  Look under the craft tab and click on the paw print you can see to the right of the Craft List Title. 

(b) Look up crafting tab/ paw print to see what components I need.

(c) Start putting one or more of those components on my wish list as well as the holiday wand. 

(d) Keep one or more regular inventory item on my wish list for my friends who wish to gift those items, not event items. 

This is just my thought process so you can disregard the above if you wish but thought I would add it in response to your question 

"Any ideas of what I should put on my WL besides the Ghost Traps and the Holiday Wands?????"

Have fun in MC especially when we get the game back up & running  the way iy should and players are able to play without fear of losing their game. 

Dot sunglasses  earth_asia