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What is going on?   Welcome!

Started Dec-9 by PaulaMonty; 4089 views.

From: Suenamie5


I was just wondering the same thing???  

Been wondering about that too.  Getting antsy to play it already grinning


From: Cyberfox277


No idea, but I'd been hoping for that Xmas/Winter event relaxed Hello developers wave  Just give us something else to do? grinning


From: AEGram


The game developers never give any advance warning/messaging for their plans, so no one on the forum will be able to answer your question.

(It's a question we all have.)

Some day, some hour, someone will click on their game manager to see if there's an update.....there will be one....that person will post on the forum that there's an update.....and the bonfires will start to burn as players hustle to get their new material.

Until then, we patiently....or impatiently.....wait.

In reply toRe: msg 5

As usual, you have very creatively answered everyone’s foremost question……
When the hell can we start playing our beloved game again with some new content and no glitches? (me, not so elegant)

Just wanted to say THANKS for the many many times you have spent time and effort to answer some poor lost soul’s frustrated question.

I have been playing MC for about 6 yrs and have enjoyed it immensely.  Only found out about this forum a few yrs ago so it came as a wonderful surprise.  I can remember you seem to have been there from beginning.

Again, just wanted to say thanks. Hope this isn’t the end of MC as we have known it.  By the by, I absolutely LOVE your “icon”, emoji, (whatever it is called) looks like an owl writing.  LOVE IT…….



From: 68chrissy


There is meant to be an update coming around December 20th.  So keep looking.  There is also meant to be a christmas event


From: TinyFaerie


Where did you see or hear this?

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From: LadyAstra



        I saw that too.  The official Midnight Castle Facebook page (specific to the game, not the general BF or EG pages) posted a question today asking for players' opinions about the Chamberlain's story arc going forward.  Someone then posted a comment complaining about the company doing promotional or community engagement posts while the game still has not been fixed or updated.  In that comment, she referenced a "projected release date of December 20th".  My guess is that a member of one of the private Facebook MC groups has been in contact with someone at either EG or BF (probably EG), received this date, and shared it with their group.  If it's somewhere else, I can't find it.


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From: TinyFaerie


Thank you for clearing that up Astra.