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Stopping Playing for the 2nd time this month   Technical Issues

Started Jul-30 by Gardenbird; 498 views.

From: Gardenbird


After installing the latest update, I lost most of my game.  Went back to level 41!.   It got restored  BUT it just wasn't the same.   You don't get back exactly what you had and it's a hard slog trying to get back more or less what you had before.   They don't restore puzzles and  achivements are iffy.   Inventory you get what they give you.   Anyway after 10 days, I did start playing again.   However,  I now have a problem with crashing.   In the last couple of days, my game has crashed out about 10-12 times.  I have been asked to uninstall and reinstall.  (play on a Kindle Fire) I think if I did this, I would lose my game again.    I am very disillusioned with MC.     this game has always been a bit iffy about saving properly, At least, that is, my game has not always been very robust,   I think the time has come to bow out.   I have 70 friends.  At least 12 of them have turned red.  I think a lot of people have just stopped playing.  I am probably not the only one who has had so many problems and got fed up with the game..   I am going to give it a long rest to see how I feel and how much I miss playing.   I won't delete it just yet, but won't be playing for quite a while. 



From: jack7242


So sorry to hear you are having problems. I know how frustrating it can be to lose progress. I was out for five weeks being passed between BF and E games. I eventually got most of what I had plus some I knew I had not achieved. There is a spreadsheet available on this forum, which the tech team seem happy to use to restore inventory. As one of my friends, I hope to see you back soon. Put your missing items on your gift list and I will gift anything that helps.