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Trina's quests   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Sep-2 by Corinaohara1; 2350 views.

From: Corinaohara1


The reward price has gone down from 320 to 32-has this happened to anybody else?


From: AEGram


The developers have made you one of the "chosen ones" ......some of the more senior players (or whatever the criteria they use to select player IDs) are getting reduced amounts in Trina's quest.....instead of 20 postcards being required, it starts with 6 and gradually increases with each update they send out.

Also, sometimes it's the shards that are reduced to some amount around 50...then it gradually goes up.

As these item amounts are reduced (shards or postcards), the amount of coins you receive from a Trina quest goes down considerably.

The Devs apparently feel badly for having such a high, nearly impossible to reach final requirement for Key Master (5000 Golden Keys) and Ace Assistant (3000 quests), so they're trying to help players meet those goals......HOWEVER, what they reeeeeeeeellllllly should do is lower that final requirement.

And they could if they wanted to because Friend Indeed started out to require helping friends 500 times to get the final reward. In November 2016, they change that final requirement to only 60 times. And, it's relatively easy to help friends 500 times. No so for Key Master and Ace Assistant. usual.....the Devs just don't seem to listen to my rants about those two achievements. LOL


From: Playbelle


32? Lucky! My current reward is only 16 coins. 

Although AEGram is right, come to think of it. The last time she asked for shards she only wanted 50 (instead of over 300 shards). The number of airship wheels she's asking for is also lower now, like around 75 wheels (which like 1 1/4 crates for me these days).

Thanks to AEGram for the explanation on that, and I like your solution for the achievements. On the other hand, I'm also glad the requests for shards and airship wheels are lower because I will still need to keep up my Golden Key supply to unlock rooms and furniture. 

I don't really mind the trade off, but still, you'd think we'd still get at least as many coins for a Trina Quest as a Daily Quest. It may be lower amounts, but it's still a chunk of resources. Especially when you consider how many coins you have to drop to open each new HOS or Zoom Zone or craft anything in the newest chapters. astonished There goes your piggy bank.


From: ZeldaBrarian


This happened to me. I opened up a Trina quest and saw, while I needed to pony up fewer shards/postcards/wheels/ I wasn’t getting the 300 in coin I’d been used to. I must be one of the ‘chosen’

That said, I’m less irked than I was because there are achievements I’m trying to complete and it’s easier now. 



From: AEGram


Playbelle said:

The last time she asked for shards she only wanted 50 (instead of over 300 shards). The number of airship wheels she's asking for is also lower now, like around 75 wheels (which like 1 1/4 crates for me these days).

First off, Trina has never asked for 300 shards....the max she's ever requested is 200. I'm sure you're confusing that with her max on wheels for sending airships, which was 300.

That said....I got a reprieve on shards for awhile followed by one on postcards. But the change wasn't on two at the same time. 

This is the first I've heard of her asking for less than 300 wheels, although it really doesn't matter for players at higher level games because all the airships are giving mostly between 350 and 450 wheels. 

What the Devs REALLY need to do is max out the amount of wheels an airship will give you to around 321-345. That will require fewer items to be packed and help players far more. Also, they need to give us a way to bank excess wheels we get from airship sending so we can use them to send future ones.

Another suggestion would be for them to also set up the crates as the trading with children....say how many items are needed to fill the airship and let players select which ones from their inventory of the 6 items they want to send.

Lots of ways to improve the airship area....all of which have been suggested to the Devs and have fallen on deaf ears.

In reply toRe: msg 5

From: Playbelle


Hi AEGram,

I'm pretty sure Trina did ask for over 300 shards just before my reduced requests started, but I'm not 100% positive on that one. 

Postcards were also reduced, but I don't remember what that was reduced to. I have so many postcards that I've never paid much attention to how many she wanted.

I usually do Trina quests until she asks for airship wheels, then leave them sitting until the next CC. The quest I'm on right now is asking for 56 airship wheels (the other part was "explore any scene" and I think that was 50 scenes). I'll get 16 coins when complete.

I can keep track of a few more Trina quests since there seems to be interest in the reduced requests.

Oh, I like your banking excess wheels idea. I've seen lots of suggestions to improve airship issues, but that's my favorite. Yeah, why can't we store the wheels in inventory to be used as needed - like the postcards, energy for amulets, and the "gifts for friends" we use at Christmas? Makes sense to me. Plus it would take some of the sting out of all those airship requests in every CC if we could at least store the wheels for Trina quests.


From: AEGram


Playbelle said:

Makes sense to me.

Unfortunately, what makes sense to those who play the game seems to be irrelevant to the Developers. Hence, my continued insistence that the Developers don't play the game.


From: Playbelle


So, for those interested in the reduced requests, here are some shots of my latest Trina Quests:

I took advantage of the latest airship CC task to knock out some more quests.

These rewards went up a whole 2 coins from the earlier one I mentioned. Maybe that was a Dev responding to feedback about the low rewards. smirk

Sun (sunriserain)

From: Sun (sunriserain)


I’m envious! Trina is a resource hog on my game.

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


Make the most of it while it is low. I had this happen to me a while ago, but now it is back to the usual amounts. It was fun while it lasted though.