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Trina's quests   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Sep-2 by Corinaohara1; 2317 views.
WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


Make the most of it while it is low. I had this happen to me a while ago, but now it is back to the usual amounts. It was fun while it lasted though.


From: Playbelle


Really? Thanks for the heads up. 

That does make this more interesting. I thought maybe it was a gradual roll-out, but if they took it away from your account, maybe not.

Hmm...another thing to miss about the old BF forum - a Moderator that might give you a real answer about what is going on in the game.

Oh well, at least we have a place to share whatever information we have with each other.

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


They didn't take it away, it was just that it slowly over time started to get more and more HOS and ZZ's etc that I had to do, until eventually I was back to the normal amounts. Over a period of time it went from do 3 HOS, to do 6 HOS, to do 12 HOS etc.