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Ice Breath Friends   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 6/16/18 by Howdah (smitcheltree); 147652 views.

From: Larpy


IOS player i2439485

Will swap ice breaths with anyone working on that achievement.  Player name is LARPY followed by something, right now it is LARPY swap ice breath

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From: attie1234


Hi Larpy, I sent you an invite. Welcome! bouquet (Benit’s game) Attie

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Minerva (KayteCat)

From: Minerva (KayteCat)


Hi Ice Breath friends!

Thanks to you all, I've made second level Magic Miser, and am on my way to the third level (with still a ways to go.)

I'm going to have to slow down a bit, as I will be starting a new job on Monday,  and most days will only have internet access for two gifting sessions a day (10 people). If you have reached your achievement, you can take me off your Ice Breath rotation, and I'll focus those Ice Breath gifts on those who still need them.

I so appreciate all of you, and would be happy to stay friends, giving what I can from your lists.

Benit, congratulations on completing the Achievement!!  You got ahead of me in gifting... I'm happy to send you a few mor Ice Breaths for you to pass on, or even something else! Let me know.




From: attie1234


Hi Minerva!  Thank you so much.  I could not have ever completed it without my wonderful friends like you. No problem on gifting back. I am done but want to still help my friends who aren’t so if you gift me one I will gift it back. bouquet  I would love to still help you if you need me.  I do understand if you have 10 other players that they too are working on it with you and you need to drop gifting me but please know, I am here to help if you need it. kissing_heart  Good Luck and have fun! four_leaf_clover Attie (Benit)

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Hi, Larpy, sent you an invite. I’m sending ice breaths every 4 days. Glad to have another IB friend!

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Minerva (KayteCat)

From: Minerva (KayteCat)



Hi friends.

I was gifting earlier today, at just about an hour before Midnight Castle day change. I checked my mail icon, and it was full (more than six, probably more like 8-10), and then I lost network connection. When I regained it, the only message / gift I had waiting was from Kloee. Which I really appreciate! Thanks, Kloee!


So that means if you gifted me in the last 24 hours, the gift disappeared, and I won't know you gave it.

i am working my way through the gifts that I already accepted to give back, but am sad i won't know who to return gifs to from the last 24 hours!

Minerva on iPad.


Not sure which day I gifted you...left my notebook on my desk. No worries, I’ll give you one today anyway. Don’t fret if it’s a duplicate!

Judy (JudyHBishop)

From: Judy (JudyHBishop)


Hi and a big thank you to all those who have helped me achieve the Magic Miser achievement. Thanks especially to:- Arthur, Cattipuss, DeeDee, Diane, Donna, Forest Fairy, Karina, MolerR, Myrtle, Poppet, Sapphire, Theo, Toad and family, Trixie Belle and more recently Belle, Danijellica, Jules, Kobeb, KraftyKat, Me1one, Nona, Purple Princess, Shylo and Wis. Also a huge thanks to my friends sending me old Christmas Cards who are too numerous to mention. I can now start on my gifting backlog but will only be able to gift twice a day due to time changes.

Thanks for your encouragement and support!

Take care Judy

PS: I will continue to help others with their Ice Breath challenge

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Whoohoo, glad you made it. Magic Miser is such a big one.  bouquet


From: MCDeeDee


Congratulations Judy! A big one out of the way.