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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 411566 views.

From: Randytb


I yell everyone sit tight and get ready for tonight's final show and then the rescue.

Roo do you have enough sleeping potion to knock everyone that comes to the final show if not can you get your hands on enough.

My plan is later on near the end of the show or there about to have Opel spike all food and drinks juice etc. not enough to knock them out right but enough to when they leave they will all head to the homes and pass out.

Do I have to say it??? after our supper NO FOOD OR DRINK I do not need any of you passing out .

To make sure the kids get it to Opel has made up a big batch of ice cream and as the show ends and everyone heads home each kid will get an ice cream cone.

Okay you all prepare for tonight I have to go rescue PTG , the doorknob seems to have gotten himself caught at the Hospital Wing

I call Nose and Ghost Pup and head to Frost.

Sorry my brave one I need you for a bit we need to go to the hospital wing and get PTG  Frost just shakes his head ,,, I know he did it again

We set off with Snow as added protection.

We land at the rear of The Hospital and Nose Ghost Pup and I climb down back staircase and make our way to tje first floor where our room are

SHHHHHHHH I hear someone coming , I grab the bottle of sleeping potion and loot at it hum not much left will have to use sparingly .

I peek around the corner excellent it is Nurse Pick and yep there is here ever present loaded syringe .

I slowly extend my hand ,,, she gets closer,,, I aim,,, a short puff and I send the powder right at her face ,,,, SCOREEEEEEEEEEEE

She does not see the lill cloud but walks right into it ,,, ACHOO ACHOO ,,, I see her wipe her nose then yawn,,, good good it's working.

I hear her yawn and mutter ,,, so sleepy and looks at her watch,,, I have time for a nap before that scoundrel's next shot.

I watch he enter what must be her room ,, and with in minutes she is snoring like a lumber Jake wow that is loud enough to wake the dead.

Coast clear I head to my old room and as I turn the corner I run smack into a huggied bare foot PTG.

Now aren't you cute.

You have a lot of explaining to do but now is not the time turn around as I undo his Huggie Jacket

craponacracker I forgot your Amulet go to my room with Nose and get to the Repository and get your things back and meet me here in 10 minutes.

I head back to where Nurse Pick passed out and sneak in , the floor creaks I freeze,,,, whew she is really out .

Okay easy boy slow and easy.. oh great she is in a fetal position with her hands under chin and the Amulet in one.

What to do ????? got it,,, I lean over and softly start to buzz like a fly,,,, she moves good it is working ,,,,buzzzzzzzzzzzz and she swats at the sound and air but not letting go of The Amulet,,,, buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz aha this time she rolls over and I can get the Amulet ,,,, #$%^&*()(*&^%$#@ I have to lift it over her head .

Takes me what feels like hours and my back is cramping from being bent over so long but finally I get The Amulet off and tear out of the room to find PTG  he better be there and ready to go.

@$%^&()_+_)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#@  he better be there and ready or I swear I will leave him here  naw I can not as much as I want to to teach him a lesson.

I open my door and stop dead,,, WHAT THE HELL???????????????

There is PTG half in half out of the closet fighting with a player? in and out they go fighting over his Boots ,,, I sit on the bed and watch the scene funny as hell ,, PTG sweating like a pig the player screaming at him MINE LET GO.

As funny as this is I have no time for this bull... I walk over to the closet and dangle a pouch in the face of The Player ,, his eyes grow wide lets go of the boots grabs the pouch , as I push him into the closet and slam the door.

I turn to see PTG on his arse ** what else is new*** and he is hugging his boots ,,, Nose comes tearing in the room whirling around but not barking that means trouble on the way ,,,, I grab PTG by his ear we are out of here.

We manage to get back to the rear entrance and see Frost and Snow waiting ,,, * COME RIDER GAURDES DOING ROOM CHECKS********* Okay here hold Pup and up you go ,,,

NO NO NO NO NO NEVER YOU KNOW I .... Frost grabs his collar and on to his back PTG goes ,,, he looks like he is going to pass out ,,, BUCK UP MAN AND HOLD ONTO NOSE ,, YOU DO KNOW WHAT CHARLIE WOULD DO TO YOU IF ANY HARM COMES TO HIM RIGHT.

As we head up and to The Tea Room PTG spots Snow ,,, oh man the look on his face is priceless.

We land in the open field and I half walk half drag PTG back to The Tea Room ,,,,,, open the door ,,,, fling him in..... flop him on a chair and tell Miss Katt sit on him if you have to until I get back do not let him out of your sight and tell Bear  the same thing.

PTG you move till we get back you are a DEADMAN understand>>>>>>

I run out the door to Frost and Snow so we can get back .

I wonder how long it is going to take PTG to notice his boots gone.???

I rub my Amulet and say hey PTG do not bother looking for your boots they are safe and sound in my back pack you will get them when we return so cross your fingers we pull this rescue off.

I can hear him spit and sputter all the way up here.

We land in the valley and I rub Frost and Snow great job as always now go hunt and get ready for tonight my brave one and my beauty.


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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Oh! The ignominy of it all and SO undignified.

I was managing quite well in the corridor with a worthy citizen as we haggled over him releasing me from my huggie jacket constraints.

He had just accepted the promise of an Ice Breath from me at my next Gifting slot, IF he released me.

To be bundled onto one of those overstuffed offal smelling white lizards and returned here in a tangled heap is bad enough.

But then to be dumped unceremoniously on the Tea Room floor with military miss Opel, soup ladle at the ready, if I move is TOO much.

“AND she is grinning from ear to ear at my discomfiture

A plague on all you women!

“I have been sabotaged and shot at by that harridan Roo Roo and her young accomplices

“All in the name of public entertainment.

“I’d like to give her a taste of the same!

“Then I am besieged by yapping moggies which sniff me out by that scheming knitting machine shacked up in the comfort of her chair.

“I know it was she who ordered that overblown gas bag with a trunk to hose me down and cart me off to the Hospital Wing in the first place.

“THAT I will NOT forget in a hurry - so NO MORE dust bunnies for her!

“Such unnecessary treatment, since I had a Cunning Plan, which is now in ruins.

“As for Angel, what does she do?

“Nothing! She does not hold back our irascible Cap’n from going about on a mission to rescue me, just like a bull in a china shop.

“How about me snatching her magic pencil away, just like the Cap’n has done with my boots?!

“And on my most inopportune return to the Tea Room, where is my soothing up of hong cha to calm me down?

“Even Miss Katt is against me!

So, A plague on all you women!


From: Randytb


Holy craponacracker I thunck our PTG is kinda Pissed as I listen to his rambling on and on about how unfair he was treated then rescues then dumped into the Tea Room and PUT UNDER GAURDE WITH MISS KATT AND HER SOUP SPOON AND BEAR.

I think he hit his head one to many times and is seeing things that are not there or remembering things backwards ,,, what a doorknob.

Miss Opel and Charlie are with the Circus as is Nose and Ghost Pup Angel and Roo Roo ,, I thunck our second in command needs \_O-O_/ .

If he remembers

it was he himself that went on his own to his old room in The hospital Wing and if I had not got to him and that player fighting over his Boots he would NOT HAVE THEM.

Maybe I should get Doc Deadman to give him a check up when we get back.

I rub my Amulet Miss Katt if PTG does not calm down give him some of that **** Special Ice Cream ***** or slip a couple of dem der blue pills in in special tea lol

Do not worry about *  A plague on all you women!   you know PTG loves all the gals here and is just having a a bad moment right now  he will be better in the morning 

As I get back to the Circus and head to my temp room if you call a flapped off part of a Tent a room,,, I remember it is Roo Roo's Birthday today oh gots an idea .

I run over to the food tent and laugh as I see Opel putting the final touches to a huge Birthday Cake  wow it is awesome.

I return to get ready and check on Roo to see all is ready for to-nights final  climax oh this is going to be so good.

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From: MrsFletcher


Oh Granny, I can hardly wait to tell you the latest news about Captain Randy and PTG!!!, Hee, Hee!  Well tell me youngun..cause you know how grumpy I get when I have to wait for the "Punch Line!"....unamused....It seems like PTG got caught is some kind of compromising situation that really got under Captain Randy's skin so badly and had the gumption to complain about it!...confounded...Hee, Hee,Hee! that all Dandydog?  No, No Granny...The best part is that Captain Randy's Dragon Frost grabbed PTG's collar and hauled Him back to the Tea room only to be put under Opals Guarding Eyes and Rolling Pin....Hee, Hee, Hee!  Oh dear me...Poor PTG....Do you think that when Captain Randy return's he'll give you an assignment?  I really don't know Granny...pensive....Maybe....Dear, you really don't need to stay here 24/7 because I am taken excellent care here....So scoot along now and see what Captain Randy has in store for you....But Granny Fletcher!....You heard me Young Lady!....blush...SCOOOOTTT!!!     


From: AEGram


Shortly after PTG was unceremoniously dumped at a table in the Tea Room, I very large, steaming cup of hong cha mysteriously appeared on the table in front of him. The cup was nestled securely in a matching saucer.

As PTG welcomingly lifted the cup to his lips for a taste of the delightful, calming liquid......he saw a note that was placed under the cup. It simply read:

+    Tsk, tsk…..the trouble you manage       +
+     to get yourself into…….sigh.                  +
+                ……..……………..The Mage             +


From: Randytb


My nerves are cold as ice, my heart beat steady ,I am so ready to get this facade((( The Circus))) although it has been nerve wracking it has been fun,,,, but I am so ready to get the mission on.

I shiver just thinking of all those cages and cells i saw ,,,, how many have they captured ,, enslave... tortured for information or sold?

I am just so determined to set them all free and that we find Jacob's family.

As I talk to Opel and she puts on the final touches to Roo's Birthday Cake and idea strikes me perfecttttttttttt .

Opel hold on I will be right back.

I scoot over to Roo's and say hey there would you happen to have any more of the sleeping powder?? I do not need much so what ever you have is great.

She looks at me with a raised eyebrow ,,,, just what are you up to and who do you want to knock out??? can not be PTG hehehe is back at The Tea Room so give who?

I explain my plan ((( leaving out the cake of course do not want to spoil the surprise))))) I explain we need a plan to make sure our recon/rescue is not interrupted  so what better way then to make everyone sleep??

At the end of the last show Opel will have a huge table set up at the entrance with ice cream for everyone that will make sure everyone gets some and because it is slow acting cold it will not hit them until they are home  .

They will get very sleepy and just think it is because of a long day at the circus and are worn out.

She laughs okay wiseinhimer what about the ones who do not want ice cream I smile oh do not worry I have all the bases covered just get me the powder okay smart arse lol.

Roo hands me her bottel and I head back to the food tent and Opel,,, here you go my miracle chef  sprinkel some of this on the cake and mix some in the ice cream  ,,,, and DO NOT let any of our gang eat any of it.

Now you be insulting to Opel she says???? GOD NO I would never do that she removes at cover from a side table with a second cake and a barrel of ice cream with a huge sign ***********STAFF ONLY **********

Opel you are the best I hug her and give her a big cheek smoochie.

Okay off to get ready ,,, I rub my Amulet and ask Charlie ,,,, every thing okay there???

Yes PTG is drinking his brew and sulking lol good show see you soon.

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From: SharpEye1


I run into the Cap as he's heading off to get ready for tonight!  Hey, Cap......I've scrounged up all the flash bulbs I could get my hands on with such short notice so I've got about a dozen.  Do you think that will be enough for what you're planning?  Or, do we need something else too that would work along the same concept lines?  Otherwise, I think I could make it to the office and back to get more. What do you think?.......


From: Randytb


Hey there Angel.

No that is awesome and should do the trick nicely.

We do not have that many hall ways to get through till we hit the main jail/dungeon part so i do not think we will run into many goofs, and beside the little I did see were asleep or drunk and you be right behind me and snap then I will snap iffin ya knows what I mean lol

The Towers Look Outs I will take care off with Frost and Snow I call it swoop and scoop.

I can not wait till tonight.


From: SharpEye1


Okay, great!  Me too!!  I'll just go get everything packed so I'm ready to go when you give the word! 

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


The Cap’n has just left me behind in the Tea Room muttering about plans and powders and cake.

All very confusing.

The note just given to me by my mage has also upset me. She obviously thinks that I am totally incompetent!

I look around and see that FEMALE knit-one-pearl-one expert is tucked into her usual chair in the corner of the room.

She may seem to be dozing as there are little wheezes and snuffles emerging from her open mouth.

But I KNOW she, or one of her pesky pets, is keeping a close eye on me for the Cap’n.

As the Cap’n leaves the room he tosses me my amulet saying to put it back on immediately and don’t let it be removed again.

As if I had had a choice in the matter!

But he has not returned my boots, perhaps thinking that without them I will feel ‘emasculated’

So all I can do is to sit back and sup my hong cha.

Out of boredom I listen in to the conversation between the Cap’n and the others at the circus.

It seems that his plan is to knock everyone out with one of Roo Roo’s sleeping potions secreted into a large cake or ice cream.

Opel is just putting the finishing touches to this and the home-made ice cream all containing the sleeping draught.

The Tea Room door opens and in rushes Opel heading for the kitchen with a large box that is clanking away.

“Can you wash there up for me please Dear Mrs Fletcher. I have no time to stay and do them myself!”

And rushes out again.

Still out of boredom I sidle into the kitchen where I find Mrs Fletcher seated in her favourite spot with a large mug of her special brew (whatever that may be).

“Here! Let me do that washing up for you. I’ve got nothing else to so and it is driving me insane being cooped up here!”

I take one of the large bowls, which still has the scrapings of the cake mixture in it and am just about to lick it clean with my fingers when I notice some tiny shiny crystals in its base mixed in with the dough.

I look at the other bowl, also with some cake residue, but this one has no such glitters.

“Ahhhh!” I mutter to myself, “the sleeping potion of Roo Roo!

“I can do something with these crystals surely?”

I lick the bowl  that has no crystals clean first!


I  carefully extract the tiny crystals and dissolve them in a little tepid water.

Then I make a hot drink for Charlie and go back into the Tea Room  with it.

“There! I’ve made a cup just for you. Now drink it while it is still warm”

She must be really dozing because she automatically reaches out for the cup and drains it.

Within minutes she is genuinely asleep and though several pairs of animal eyes are looking at me VERY suspiciously, none are inclined to move from her side. They are first and foremost her guardians.

NOW to continue with my interrupted Cunning Plan!