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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 405795 views.

From: MrsFletcher


As Snow and Pup fly by the Tea Room preparing to land between Salty's Tavern/Inn and the Children's Bridge thus minimizing the dust and such that a Dragons powerful wings can sometimes stir up when landing.  (Much like a Helicopters Propellers do...)   "Why in the world is the Tea Room all locked up this way Snow when it was never closed only during times of Great Emergency???"   fearful  "OH Snow, could we have been Singing and Humming so loudly the Pern National Anthem that we completed didn't hear any message from Captain Randy??!  scream  (Here comes Salty dear Friends as fast as his poor OLd Sea Legs can carry Him over the Chrildren's  Bridge toward Pup and Her Dragon Snow...sweat...""  Puff, Puff, Puff...Where in the dick'uns have you been Young'un!!"  rage  "We've been flying back from the Golden Queen's Realm...why Salty?"  There's been some mighty Foul going's on down in the Tunnels involving those small Mole Critters and The Captain has requested Charlie and her animals to come and sniff out the dastardly No Gooders....!!!   "Thanks Salty!!  "Come Snow..lets contact Captain Randy and see whats going on and what we can do to help....   


From: Randytb


I spread out everyone and pair up every one some to go with PTG down the tunnels and the rest of us abouve ground to look for more tracks,

Pup take  Snow with Brulee and Jewel search all areas  look for any fresh tracks that do not belong here,

Angel you and Charlie can check aound the critters compound ,,, Salty check out the Hidden pound and get Ellie and her brood to help you.

Frost and I will head for the tunnel in The Underground Grotto.

We all head out leaving Opel and Miss Katt standing gaurde in The Tea Room.

Frost and I land at the entrance to The Underground Grotto and I dismount and tell Frost to search this area by air for he is to big to come in with me.

As I go deeper I start to pick up tracks some large some small WTH???

My Sai and my sword drawn and ready but strange I do not feel any spine tingle ??

I can see The Lava flowers are still growing making it very hot here .

I venture further and take a cut off following the tracks that are now single tracks.

I round a bend and there are hundreds of tracks now ,,, human and Mole I have to be close as I back track and spy the claw like ones I am trying to find.

I smell sulpher? then I hear a cross between a cry and a chirp??

I follow the sound and come to another bend ,, I know where I am right under The Bridge  I know because I smell and here water and this one of the many tunnels we have explored and marked.

My eyes fully adjusted to the darkness and I see the torch one of many here and I light it.

I move it around looking for more tracks when I spot a small twig well I thought was a twig that is until it moved.

This twig has scales??

I run the torch up and to my surprise and delight I discover the reason for alarm.

There sits on a rock shivering is a Fire Lizard I speak softly and touch it's body oh not good,, this lill one needs fuel that they get from the Lava Rocks and Flowers.

I pick the poor lill Yong up and cover it with my coat and hold it close to get some of my body heat.

The poor lill thing can barely move U turn my Amilet to the Animal setting.

I barely hear Cold,,,,,,, it hits me I know this lill one she is Ember but how in heck did she get here?

Okay Ember you are safe now it;s me Cap and I will get you back home , your family must ne worried sick.

I head back with Ember shivering under my coat ,,, I can see some Lava Flowers spitting out Lava,,,

I stop and bend over so she can bite a flower or two.

In no time flat I feel her tiny body heat up.

After she warms up I ask her what happened and how did she get here?

She said she was in an area where there were some new fresh big Lava rocks and flowers and she got so excited  wanting to get back and tell the others she lost her way and ended up outside The Tea Room and saw The Moles going in the tunnels and knowing they knew all the tunnels she went to follow them and to catch up and ask for there help getting back home.

But they were to far ahead and she was getting weaker she lost sight of them.

That is when I found her.

I took her to the right entrance and told her here you go lill one safe and sound now and hope you learned a valuable lesson today not to wonder to far away from the others and never alone.

Shheesh I say that a lot lol.

I call Frost =at The Town Entrance come there.

I tirn my Amulet to *ALL* and call off the search every thing is okay will explain back at The Tea Room



From: MrsFletcher


As Snow, Brulee, Jewel and I slowly and causally make our way through some of the furthest tunnels away from the Tea Room, (Yes dear Friends, it seems that Dragons can shrink size to fit anywhere they want to go.  Isn't that Amazing!  relaxed  )  It became quite dark and scary like... where were the tunnel's ever-glowing lanterns that mark a Travelers way...?  "Huff, Puff, puff, hufffff...gotta move your wing cause I can't breath Snow.)  Slowly My ever protective Dragon Snow.....with Brulee and Jewel standing Guard bravely standing guard on either side of us....relieved lifted Her wing that was covering me completely from head to toe...flushed...It was then...with glowing Dragon Sword guiding my eyes path..(of course dear Friends my Awesome Companions can see through the darkness!)   relaxed  I was able see what was ahead. "No wonder Captain Randy wasn't able to find any footprints on the tunnels floor....they're all on the ceiling!!  "Whop!"  "Huff!!"  Out came Snow's wing stopping me from going further.  Hanging from the Tunnels waiting to capture any unwary Traveler were thousands almost invisible woven "Trap!!s"  scream  "Captain Randy and PTG  you've see this!! 


From: Randytb


After I called off the alarm and explained to every one what the end result was and it was just poor baby Ember one of our many Fire Lizards that live in MC World and with the help of the Moles is back safe and sound with her family.

Before our Moles left I thanked them and gave them a new place to tunnel and find lots of goodies to eat.

So they returned to the retirement range under the watchful eye of there caretaker Bruce Cyn's cousin.

I thanked Charlie for getting her team of trackers on the job so fast,,, and I know if ever I am away she will right there to protect the others and keep me updated.

The time for me to take the Dragons and Pup to our Queen for the journey to Pern is in the near further and we are ready to answer her call.

I must talk to my second and third in command and prepare them for that day as in what there responsibility will be/

Mean time Opel brings me a fresh piping hot cup 0f tea and a few snacks to munch on as I write up the instructions for PTG and ROO ROO 

I remind Opel ,, you my beauty are still my secret weapon seeing we have been together so long and can almost read each others thoughts I can go on a mission or Quest knowing you are here .

She smiles and blushes and off to the kitchen to get dinner stated as I continue to write.



From: SharpEye1


Now that all has been explained and everyone goes back to their regular routine, I head to Cap's table where he's writing....

"Uh, excuse me, Cap, I've been thinking about something for a while now and want to run it by you."  "Sure, Angel, what is it?"  Sheesh....why am I feeling a little shy and nervous all of a sudden?  Oh well, I take a deep breath and say........

"Well, I know you'll be leaving son to take Pup to Pern, and I was wondering...I know I'm basically just reporting the news around town here, but since I've become a part of this merry little slightly bent band," Cap:  "Yeah, and a mighty fine job you're doing with that too.  Now, c'mon woman, spit it out....what are ya gettin' at?"

"Well, ya see, Cap......Now, don't laugh but.....I'm thinking it's high time I learn to do battle too, so I can help your 2nd and 3rd in Command when you can't be here!  I'm tougher than you might think and I'm a quick learner!  I know I can do it!!"

There, I said


From: Annemaree


please take care not to encounter the silver threads, they can cause a few problems! Also Be careful going between, it causes so ill effects in people.  Good luck with your trip to Pern 

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Those tunnels are the bane of our lives.

No matter how much we watch over them, guard them, protect them, our foes always find new ways to try and infiltrate our ranks and lives using them.

Thank goodness the recent festivities with our worthy citizens and their children did not come to any grief.

And now the Cap’n tells me that there is a newfound menace which seems to lead all the way to the Northern Islands.

So the Cap’n Bob instructs me to take two of Charlies tracker moggies and seek out where our friends the moles have disappeared to

But I am soon thwarted by the minute size of the tunnels they have used.

Far too small for me to wriggle through and even my doggy guides seemed reluctant to try.

More worrying is the fact that occasional we appear to lose the alien footprints or the strange scent of our foe. Still I press on since I can use the apertures to bypass these obstacles.


Not looking where I am going having seen something interesting on the ceiling above me, I hit a projecting Pole?????

At the same time I am struck by small shards of glass?

These soon turn into water!

Ah yes – icicles. So I must now be in a tunnel underneath the Northern Islands.

I tug at the piece of wood which soon comes away in my hand. It looks gnarled and ancient but in my hand seems to throb slightly with warmth.

It is then that I become aware that my broom is screaming at me to drop it. It is a powerful mage entombed in this Pole from the Ice Hall.

It will ensnare me into the Dreamworld forever if I keep hold of it!

I hastily replace it into the ice wall and sneak past it. My two doggie guides have also frozen in the “pointer” position and now my amulet is screaming at me!

I rub it and Charlie bellows to me: “Return immediately – my pets are in mortal danger! And you may also find yourself in trouble if you don’t follow them!”

I then get an image from her that my two canine guides are pointing at the ground to a large paw print.

No! It is a VERY LARGE paw print that belongs to the alpha wolf of the local pack!

And that paw is a fresh one!

Well it is obvious that we have lost the mole for the time being so I hurriedly retrace my steps.


From: Randytb


As I sit making notes to give my two um um um what am I hearing via my Amulet??

Annemaree ?? wearing us to be careful on our journey to Pern hum I must find out who this is but think back a message ,,thank you and yes we will be careful.

Now where was I ?

Looking at my notes just as I have my thoughts straight I am interrupted by Angel.

What is it woman can ye no see I am busy ( my Scot and Irish come out when I get a tad upset or interrupted)

I listen to what she finale spits out after suturing and stammering.

Well this is a shock to me ears even for me.

I look at her ,,, and think she is a quite one but you well know it is the quiet ones you have to look out for and she does have a mouth on her and a temper so humm this could be very good not only for her but for the slightly bent group at least with her I know she will not wonder off on her own with out telling any one ,,, NO NO strike that she has done that many times.


Sheesh woman I am thunkin..

Okay lets give it a try,, just what do you want to learn and what weapon would you like to learn it;s use?

You know I will not be easy on you right ,,, I will train you the way I train all my troops so do you still want to learn?

Charlie comes in hysterical screaming that PTG is going to get her babies killed


Calm the he;; down Charlie what is going on???

She explains where PTG and her trackers are and the mortal danger they are in if they go any further Ghost Pup sees what is around the next bend and ran back to tell the others they have to leave NOW and be quite fot waiting for them is The Alpha Male Dire Wolf of The Northern Islands a killer of killers /

I am dumbfounded to say the least for I have not heard of or saw this killer.

Why have I not heard of this before??



Smoke is waiting with a worried look * Mater he says? what is it?

I ask him about the Dire in the Northern Island

He is a nasty one ,,, captured as a Pup from one of our Transylvanian group by the Evil Mage the very one we battle with.

He was given very special powers like he can turn into ICE and is very very vicious.

You have to get PTG and the trackers out of there and block that tunnel and mark it as very dangerous.

PTG will have to brush that tunnel with Hemlock to block there scent.

Work fast Master or you will lose them and open the Tunnel to more evil then you have ever seen.

I run to the open field calling Frost and Snow,,,, *RIDER*

Rescue mission my brave one to The Northern Island to get PTG and the trackers and we need a lot of Hemlock.

As we get closer I call PTG and say DO NOT MOVE BUT SEND OUT GHOST PUP.


I crawl to the opening and try and find Ghost Pup,, he marks the snow with his paw good boy now take this to PTG and have you all back out slowly .

I whisper in my Amulet PTG Ghost is on his way back with The Hemlock it is a bundel mixed with other hebs to smell like it belongs there and will cover your scent.

As you all back out rub the branch mixture around make it smell natural we are waiting to take you back 



From: MrsFletcher


"Brulee and Jewell...Please return to Captain Randy while Snow and I go to the Northern Lands.....Yes, yes I am well aware of the dangers that can be found there dear Faithful Companions...pensive...but Snow and I just might be able to assist Captain Randy & PTG in their quest to find these dangers that lie ahead....flushed....


From: MrsFletcher


"What a "Wonderful Idea" Angel!!!  innocent  Hint to Captain Randy....She'd make a Mighty Find Warrior Sir and we need Her!!!