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Started 4/18/18 by LadyAstra; 12876 views.

From: CLW (CARRIE699)


Am working on the CCs, see that Pet Medallions is coming up.  Is it possible to buy them?  If so how?  Thanks, this update is very pretty.  Hope there is something coming from Marisa after the CC.


From: AEGram


The only time you will be offered the opportunity to purchase Pet Medallions is if you want to craft pet food and do not have the 5 Pet Medallions to so do.

If you have 3...and need 5, you can purchase the remaining 2........Then you go back to craft more pet for 5 pet medallions, etc.

However, if you're like most of us and have nearly or over 1000 of those lil darlin's ................there will be 2 options:

1. Sell off the ones you have......or use them all up by continuously crafting pet food   ....OR

2. Get pet medallions from feeding pets and doing DQs

.................Regarding Pet Chests .... ONLY the Wooden, Iron, and Crystal pet chests will yield a pet medallion. When you get one, you may actually get zero, 1 or 2. I believe on one shockingly rare occasion, I actually got 3 Pet Medallions from one chest.

................Regarding the DQs.....each part will give you 1 or more pet medallions......ALL of the 5 part DQs will give you 2 medallions for each part completed...........All of the 3-part DQs will give you 1 medallion for each part, except Three Days of the Castle Explorer. For that one, you will get 3 medallions from part 1... 4 medallions from part 2.....and 6 medallions for part 3. ......................The 10-part DQs will give you either 3 or 1 medallion for each part, depending on the DQ you get.

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From: AEGram


And, to all I would like to give a note of caution regarding Day 7.......we are to collect 20 pet medallions WITHIN 24 HOURS...........

The clock starts ticking when you get that first medallion. Many times players have secured as many as 17 or 18.....taken a break to wait for something to refresh only to notice they now have ZERO medallions collected because the 24-hour time ended.

THANK YOU for that info, Dhyani!

2 things; one is how did get separated? I remember at Easter I saw on Game Manager the UPDATE (for the Easter Celebration), so it was 'together' then. What happened to separate it now?

As detailed as what you laid out sounds, I'm not at all sure about doing sounds scary!

I await for more info...