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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 509052 views.
Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


I'm always around for events, but I don't request very often, but gift as much as I can.  This seems to make some of my friends nervous.  Hopefully, this will clarify any doubts about my participation.  I'm sorry , but I don't play on anything but a PC and only have one game active.  I'll put a request in for you.



From: dollymix16



My message should have read "I try to put Spring room..." without the "I" it makes it sound like I,m telling you to do it. Sorry about that.



From: aomohm


thank you honey,

as CC asks for 10 spring room 1s, I cant get it done, as few people change to sr1 very often. hope i'll get it done tomorrow, and also thanks to the few friends, that helped  with that so far. funny, on this game all easter is new.



From: Honeyphan


Kooka - I have my spring terrace up right now, but shortly will be changing to Japan (I change 3 times a day) - my spring terrace goes up some time after midnight (CST - North America) - and stays up all through the morning, each morning. I generally change to Japan some time after noon until approx. 1 - 2 hours before game rollover to new day I go to 3 HOS/ tea party room 2 (so friends can play my 3 HOS twice)- and that stays on til some time after midnight.

However- if you need me to change it to spring terrace for you for a bit so you can do the CC, let me know and I will. Or, I could even put that one up an hour before CC (just for today, going back to 3 HOS tomorrow in that time) - so that you could do it twice and get 2 of the CC that way. :) then once you've done it if you'll let me know here, I can switch back to 3 HOS...

Let me know - I'll be checking back to this thread to see...


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From: LvlSlgr



I have a friend in MC with the name of "kooka." I don't know if that's you or not since I didn't see you on the PC player list. But I'll go ahead and change my private room to Spring Room 1 just in case it is.


From: jamasa


Hi everyone!

I am looking for new friends, while I have been cleaning off all the inactive old ones - and there were many of them.

My ID is 583652

J Fin


From: GrannyBee


Hi, Jamasa,

Please feel free to send invites to Ms. B (ID #709731) and Li'l B (ID #852622). I play and gift regularly and currently change Spring Event rooms at least 3x/day. Both games gift alphabetically; Ms. B is currently on about a 4-to-5 day gifting cycle while Li'l B is about 3-to-4 days.




From: jbbp


Hi Robert I have done the same 


From: aomohm


hello honey and some other friends, who helped,

I've completed the CC challenge and I am up to scratch now. but I still need sr1 and sr2 a lot to get the items available on them. I will still play (leave on) all 3 a day. but mostly (and I am highest up) sr4 is what most people just have (including john). hence I decided to leave sr2 (3 scenes) for the longest (overnight), sr1 next, and the least on sr4. in waking hours I am there every few hours. thanks to everyone that rotates their rooms.

happy easter gabi


From: aomohm


yes, LvlSlgr, kooka  and kooka2, same. my good computer broke down, hence  now I use a very old disregarded one (not much good), the old game was still there (before trina), playing now. hope my good computer can be fixed, won't know for quite a few days