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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 508576 views.

From: snowmany


WELCOME!  Send me an invite and I'll add you to my list.  My Halloween room is #3 until I get all my eggs for the beasties and then can switch as necessary.  Don't come in here much, but I try to play at least once a day.  My game name is Fiona  #613059


From: Susanna502MC


So glad to see your message. I will send invites from my Ginger Sue and Navy Blue games in the morning. Done for today - what a weekend!


From: theoldguy


Just found this forum so still trying to figure out how to post to it.  I could use some friends so will send you a request.  Anyone else my id is 868554 (it shows up as Robert).  I'm at level 44 on a PC.   I think that makes a difference. 


From: Honeyphan


Hi Robert - and welcome to the forum! :) You'll find a lot of help here from some wonderful players who have played since the game's inception and can answer all your questions you might have... be sure and check out the Complete Index - Tips, Trick and Guides - also I recommend you put your name on the MC master list, to get more friends.

I'll send you an invite once I open -

have fun storming the castle/event/CC! lol


P.S. - there are also some sweet players who have multiple games to access their private room and are event room only friends - check out those threads under PC friends topic - to get more private rooms to play and build up your inventory/coinage. :)

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From: Christa2803


I need friends, too. My game is not going to be restored, so I have to start new. Thank you!


From: Christa2803


Hi, since the support seemms not to be able to restore my game on my new PC I had to start new. I urgently beg for frinds, please. My user name is Hufflepuff. Thanks a lot!


From: LvlSlgr


Hi Christa2803,

I tried Hufflepuff and didn't come up with a match. It has to be an exact match. So if you have anything else included in your name it won't match. Using your game ID works better. If you don't want to include that in a post here you can send me a PM with it and and I'll send you an invitation. Thanks.

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


Hi Christa, I'm one of your game friends and was wondering where you went to.  I'll send you a PM with my game id so you can send me an invite.

Tammy27 or T27 in the game.


From: Erin7770


I can't find you or HufflePuff. Feel free to add me, though. My # is 881148. 


From: Cyberfox277


Hello, I'm new at the forum and I'm a new player. Level 37 for now but I really need some friends to send gifts or I'm not getting any keys confused My ID is 861269 if you're interested relaxed