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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 550145 views.

From: Azurina


i have about 70 friends atm and may sit with 100 for a while until i get more comfortable with the game and figure the politics(?) of it. :)

given i am doing everything i can at once, the 22 item HOS are coming quickly, so i see what you mean by the number in one private room and i notice some people have not changed to a spring room at all.

i don't mind if i am a little slow on the growth, this is my first event, which came after i had only been playing for about  4 days, so i don't expect to finish or get too far ahead, but it has really helped my get more of everything! :)

thanks for the advice, i will try to look for the 3 HOS rooms, but i tend to just rush around like a headless chook! hahaha


From: SharpEye1


Oh, I'm so glad that worked for you!  The pic went upright and it was big and beautiful when I clicked on the link under the pic. heart_eyes


From: SharpEye1


No worries.  Just play and enjoy the ride.  Feel free to ask whatever you want, there are many other long time players like me that are happy to answer any and all questions, offer guidance, etc.  We're one big mostly happy family here and we love adding folks! heart_eyes

Billye (BillyeLH)

From: Billye (BillyeLH)


I'm glad!  He was a special boy and died way too young!


From: katiek2


Although I'm not part of the SR story, I enjoyed it SOOOOO much that I still check for it every day and miss it.  To see you all get back together and continue the story will be cause for celebration.  In the meantime, WELCOME BACK GRIM!


CC to Grimwald

From: SharpEye1


Aw!  You're too kind!  Well, you could be if you wanted to.  It's not exclusive or anything.  LOL

CC to Grimwald

From: Grimwald


Darn straight! I suspect I'll need to be rescued again soon, but give me a little time for some antics alone first.


CC to katiek2
Cambio48 (Kambio)

From: Cambio48 (Kambio)


I lost all friends when pc crashed  -  

new friend code  -  902459     my player name is     Cambio

thank you !!

One of your game friends, sent you an invite.

Tammy27 or T27