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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 550607 views.
Cambio48 (Kambio)

From: Cambio48 (Kambio)


I lost all friends when pc crashed  -  

new friend code  -  902459     my player name is     Cambio

thank you !!

One of your game friends, sent you an invite.

Tammy27 or T27


From: Hotaru07


hi everybody!!

After a while I reenter the castle with new ID, I have a few friends but always welcome new ones.
My Id is 898243 Hotaru 07
See you at Midnight.... hehestuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


From: katiek2


HELP!!! SOMEONE HAS HIJACKED MY GAME.  I opened my friends list to do the day changeover gifting, and I have a new friend, THAT I DID NOT INVITE NOR DID I ACCEPT!!!!  Furthermore, this new player's name is katiek.reinstlgame, ID no. is 729689.  

I have not reinstalled my game or changed my code.  I am deleting this player immediately.  Please do not gift to this name and ID code.   Kid - do you have any idea how this could have happened.  It wasn't there at the 9 AM gifting time.

Thanks to anyone who might have an idea about this.  I thought something was wrong when the Spring event started and I had high scores on the new room before I even played it a single time.

I'm sorry Katie, I do not play Midnight Castle I can only help with Delphi.


From: katiek2


OK, thanks for answering.  I was hoping there was a way to track the ID number if it was ever mentioned in Delphi.  I'm going to try doing a search now.  Thanks anyway.



From: Cyberfox277


I'm sorry friends, but I haven't been able to play for the last couple of days, the game either stops at 99% or freezes right in the beginning, when we get that please wait. I suppose it's a server thing, but don't gift me anything for now, my gift list is big enough as it is confused I'll keep trying winkrelaxed

Msg 9.1542 deleted

From: SharpEye1


I have a player in my game now that I did not invite, nor do I recognize.  Socorro, blank avatar, level 12, PC ID ending in 466.  If anyone knows who this is, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm deleting them out of a preponderance of caution!


From: katiek2


That happened to me last week, too.  I think one of them was FluffyBee, with a different name, and I added her back.  The other one I deleted and never heard from again.  How on earth are these names being added to our friendslist without us inviting them???