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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 552409 views.

From: LvlSlgr



I have a friend, Marie 2long4update - I.D. xxx120. I can no longer select this friend to send things to. I deleted then, restored to no avail. Can you help?

Did you search for the friend by the name or ID number? It's really best to search by the ID number (if you have it) because people can change their name very easily and with the name it has to be an exact match. I just searched for the ID number and it comes up.

Also, in this forum we try not to include a person's full ID number unless they've given us permission to do so. Some players don't like to have their ID number made public where just anyone can send them a friend request. That's why I changed the first three digits to "xxx". You may want to edit your post and do the same. If you need to have someone look it up - as I just did - you can send the number in a PM.

If your friend's card has no arrow on it then it means they don't have a wish list at this time. Could be they're taking a break (for this friend the message after her name could be a hint ), or they don't need anything right now.




Thank you, I'll bear that in mind with any future postings.


From: tbarre1


Hello All:

I'm returning to the game after a long absence, have restarted the game from the beginning, and am rebuilding (or more accurately, refreshing) my friend list. I'm now playing as Bridge418 and my ID is 693099. Thanks for considering an invitation.




From: LvlSlgr


Hi Todd, I'll send you an invitation when I'm back in the game a little later tonight.

So you're the one who just showed up in my game. I didn't recognize the game name so I deleted you, but now I know why you just showed up it's because we were friends before. So I'll invite you when I go into the game in the morning. Welcome back!!

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom) said:

I went through my friends and found the player..............Bridge418  Level 7 id#***099.  I didn't invite this player so they were put in my deleted file. Anyone know this player?????

Well the mystery has been solved..................This is a former friend who is returning after a long absence. Is now using a new game name so that's why I didn't recognize it.


From: Honeyphan


Hi Todd - welcome back to the game! :)

Will send you an invite when I open in a bit.

I play as Honey.