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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 480505 views.

From: Turbogramma


Nell, I sent you an invite last week, but you haven't responded. Did you not get it? My ID is 725766 and I play as TG (Turbogramma).  Hit me up!


From: THEdella


Have many extra raven eggs.  Will send invite, I go by Della

Mysty (Mysty3615)

From: Mysty (Mysty3615)


Welcome TG - Happy gaming!


From: ratgirl71


Hello. I am  new to this forum, but was glad to find it since Bigfish discontinued theirs. I am hoping to add more friends as it seems some of mine are no longer playing. I gift daily but it may be on a rotating basis since the game limits it to 5 a day. My ID is 66471.


From: LvlSlgr


ratgirl71 said:

since the game limits it to 5 a day.

Hello ratgirl71 and welcome to our Delphi Midnight Castle forum!

I wanted to point out that you're able to gift more than 5 friends a day. There are three 8-hour periods during which you can gift 5 friends each. This gives you a total of 15 friends gifted for the day. If you have any questions about this please post them here and someone will respond.

Again ... welcome the the forum! And I will send you an invitation the next time I open my MC game.


From: volzi


I need friends and I forget how to add them.  I am Volzi.  How do I send invitation?  


From: Lou4338


I think you need to post your ID number.  I could use more friends.  My ID# is 639408.


From: ratgirl71


I appreciate the tip

Mysty (Mysty3615)

From: Mysty (Mysty3615)


Hi Volzi

If you have the ID for others, just go to the friends sections on the game and click the plus sign then add the the number and click invite. Or Just post your ID # and I will send an invite to you. Listing your game ID # here at the forum will probably get you more friends if you want them. Hope this helps.

Happy Gaming!


From: Susanna502MC


Hey Darlene -

I have you as a friend on my Ginger Sue and Navy Blue games. This afternoon Ginger Sue received a gift from you, but the avatar was blank face and name Player. When I went back to check, you had disappeared entirely from both games. Now when I try to do a search you don't seem to be in the system by name or by number. Hope it is just a glitch and nothing too catastrophic. Whatever it is, please let me know if you get a reset or a new number.