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Welcome to the home of cricket board game, Minden Playing Card Cricket

Minden Playing Card Cricket is a statistically accurate replay sports board game that has been in existence for almost 40 years. Now in its 5th Edition, Minden Cricket has Advanced Player cards representing some 2,000 Test Cricketers from all Test playing nations dating back to the first Test match in 1877.

The current decade sets available are:
  • Decade Pack - Pre-1920s
  • Decade Pack - The 1920s, 30 & 40s
  • Decade Pack - The 1950s
  • Decade Pack - The 1960s
  • Decade Pack - The 1970s
  • Decade Pack - The 1980s
  • Decade Pack - The 1990s
  • Decade Pack - The 2000s
  • Decade Pack - The 2010s - this includes all Test Players* up until August 20, 2020. This pack is currently available FREE as part of our 5th Edition 10th Anniversary celebration.

* All Test Players who have played five Tests or more are included in all Decade Packs, with the exception of The 2010s pack which also includes all Afghanistan and Ireland players who have played Test Cricket to date.

Ashes and Classic Series Sets

In addition there are many Ashes Series Sets and Classic Series Sets. These contain Advanced Player cards based on statistics from specific series. To see these sets click here for the Ashes Series Sets and here for the Classic Series Sets.

In the meantime, please enjoy the Delphi Forum and ask any questions, post your replays, and generally get to know others from the Minden Cricket community. I'm here to answer any questions you might have too.

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