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Slide covers   Discussions

Started Sep-23 by Smokeydoodle; 211 views.

From: Smokeydoodle


Our slide covers are rotting out and have torn.  We asked our mechanic's garage to replace them but he is having issues locating them.  I called Monaco last Thursday and they told me they have a supplier and would update me when the supplier responds with the availability.  I have not received any information this week.  Has anyone replaced their slide covers?  If so, where did you find the replacements?


From: DPJ1959


Our slide awning is getting to the point of replacement and a while back I called Carefree awning and they said there is a serial number on the roller at the rear of the awning that they can match the awning. Are you not a member of the IRV Vesta forum ? It is quite helpful as well. I have not seen you on any threads. Glad to get to know you.

David & Peggy

2011 Monaco Vesta 32PBS

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From: HippieDave


I just had to replace the entire slide cover mechanism, and the same company (Carefree?--the names on it) still makes the same unit.  so they'll have covers that fit.


From: markromero


Hey Smokey, i had the rot problem on the front edge that is exposed. you have another foot or so still on reel when slide is out, so what i did was pulled it off and brought to upholstery shop and cut the rot off, about 8 inches and re-stitched the rod seam and reinstalled.