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Started Oct-8 by lesbotham; 201 views.

From: lesbotham


Hi. I own a Vesta in England,  we have just done a full electrical conversion to Uk specs but now the house (leisure batteries ) don't charge from the engine,  anyone else had this problem ??


From: Casbah35


Never had the problem but a little more information could help sort out the issue.  I assume your chassis (engine) batteries are being charged by the engine alternator?  If that is so, then you need to check to make sure the wiring (circuit) that connects the chassis batteries to the house batteries was reconnected properly.  If they are connected properly, then it could be that the solenoid  in that circuit (between the chassis and house batteries) has gone bad.

I feel sure you checked to see that if your battery cut-off switches got turned off during the conversion that they are all on again.   The engine alternator really is not designed to actually "charge" the house batteries, rather it  is only designed to maintain the charge level in them as you are driving.  It is important to bring the level of charge up through use of shore power, generator or battery charger before taking off on a trip to avoid over taxing the alternator and causing it to fail prematurely.

I'm sure that there are other forum members that have experienced the issue or are better at electrical trouble shooting than I am.  I trust they will jump in and share their knowledge.


From: HippieDave


I can't help asking how you got the Vesta to the motherland?


From: lesbotham


Hi, Thanks for the information I appreciate it.

I will check all the circuits this morning, hopefully it might just be a fuse or something simple.

Ill let you know what I find.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards.    Les.


From: lesbotham


Hi Dave, 

               We have been dealing in American RV,s for around 20 years now and have shipped a lot of vehicles to the UK or Motherland.

We drive them to Brunswick, Georgia and they go on the ship, the line we use is Wallenius Wilhelmson.

After approx 16 days to 25 days it arrives in Southampton, England.

How cool is that.

Kind Regards



From: Rodg495


Likey it’s a fuse.  Mine has one right at the battery bank for the engine.  And double check the cutoff switch.