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Help with Ignition!   MaxxForce 7 Issues

Started Nov-6 by HippieDave; 87 views.

From: HippieDave


My ignition switch has failed...key just spins around.  I'm told that if I can just take it out, any parts store has generic ignition switches that will work.

Its the 'getting out' that i need help on....It looks like I can reach the back of the switch if I can get the black plastic dash/tray/insert out...But how? Any advice?

It feels like it is attached only at points around the two cigarette lighter ports in the back, but I can't see how to unfasten it.  HELP! Not going anywhere until this is fixed!


From: Casbah35


You can lift the upper dash pad up and probably get to it from the top.  Just lift the pad from the center and both ends and it will unsnap from its clips.  Unlike most MH the Vesta has a full dash under there.

Side question, is it the key that spins in the tumbler or is the entire tumbler turning around?  If it is the entire tumbler turning, you can tighten the ring nut that holds it and should be good to go.  Just be sure the wiring isn't all twisted up when you retighten it.

Hope it is just the tumbler being loose.


From: HippieDave


Thanks...I couldn't do anything to it without getting behind the dash.  For a number of reasons, I've elected to just rip out the cheap plastic insert there and put in a cherry cabinet I will make.  It can be secured through the steel frame that the plastic one rested on and will permit better wiring access and look better.

It looks like all I needed to do was reinstall the ignition switch, but I've elected to replace it as long as I'm in there.  Might as well for $60.00