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Dash cover for sun protection   Discussions

Started Mar-14 by Smokeydoodle; 332 views.
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From: Smokeydoodle


As an interim protection solution we ordered a Camco sun reflection roll that covers the window and prevent s the sun from hitting the dash between the window and the shades that came with our vesta.   There are some more expensive windshield covers that are meant for the exterior of the windshield but we are concerned their durability and storing them correctly between use.  We have a similar interior foil windshield cover but it is bulky and hard to insert into the windshield area and store when not in use.


From: Rodg495

May-8 will customize a cover for you.  We looked into this a couple of years ago but decided not to do it.  Black is a good color to keep the glare down to a minimum.  White is cooler but makes the windshield too bright while driving with the sun shining on it.  Were were looking at a darker grey or dark tan .  That type of cove would help with sound deadening also.

We use a black shipping blanket from Harbor freight to cover the dash while not using the M/H. The blanket folds and stores easily and has other uses while traveling.  I personally think the exterior sun shields are more effective in keeping the heat out.



From: Smokeydoodle


The camco reflective sunshield finally arrived and we like it a lot because it rolls up much tighter and space efficiently than our old aluminum sun shield.  The best feature is that it is flexible so we don't risk our automatic windshield sun shade when we install it.  Although our rig came with the automatic shades they are not sufficient protection while parked in our driveway in south Texas. We have installed the thinner and more flexible camco reflective shields in all our windows and believe they drop the indoor temperature by 10 to 15 degrees when the air is not running.  Their primary function is to preserve our interior.

We were in a hurry to provide some protection for our dash so we found a charcoal gray wool blanket (EKTOS 100% Wool Blanket, Washable , 66x 90) that covers our dash except for approx. 3 or 4 inches on one side.  Since the driver side requires more fabric due to its depth and instrument panel, we will trim some fabric off the other end and attach it to the small gap.  The charcoal gray blends very well minimizes glare and wool is good protection.  Thank you for suggesting a blanket.