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Keeping DPF clean   MaxxForce 7 Issues

Started 5/6/19 by Rodg495; 583 views.

From: Smokeydoodle



We started using cetane and it appears to help, we were occasionally getting the warning lights and they stopped flashing on. We usually notice a difference in acceleration power as the temperature rises in summer but so far no issues.

We also followed your suggestion about not leaving the engine idling but when i picked up the Vesta from the garage after having new carpet installed, the office had it running with the air going as a kindness for me.  Fortunately, we didn't have any issues on the way home.  

Thank you for your suggestions.


From: Rodg495


Glad you've had good experience with the engine management.  I've had no issues with mine and I continue to use Cetane and keep the idle to a minimum.

I've just finished a mod that might be of interest.  The slide room rides on 6 rollers that are only 4 inches wide.  I noticed that the rear roller had started to dig into the underside of the slide floor sheet metal ( viewed from underneath the slide while extended ).  

I've installed 6 sheetmetal "tracks" ( they are 6 inches wide ) for the rollers to ride on.  This will take a little pressure off of the schwintek mechanism and hopefully keep the rollers from digging into the underside of the slide floor.  

I found that the underside doesn't have much to secure the screws to.  I should have made them 7 inches wide and put the screws closer to the edge.  I'll have to wait to see how all this works with time.  I think this should have been an OEM standard install.  The rollers should be a little larger and have better bearings.