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Dear Walt,

I can not begin to tell you sir how profoundly sorry I am at your tragic loss. You are indeed a strong man. With all due respect,I would like to offer you a prayer I have offered only a few times. May the peace, love, and understanding that is the LORD OUR GOD, be with you, comfort you and abide with you, both now and forever more. Amen!

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Barbara and myself are saddened by your loss of Jane, There are no words that will fill the void left in all our hearts. Jane as you know was a special lady to  yourself and her family. Jane will be sadly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Walt and the Kern family.

We have ridden many miles with Walt and Jane. Most recently we rode to Orange County Choppers as a Group event. Although the weather was overcast and rain forecast was 60% chance of showers we all decided to go for the ride. Barb and I will have this memory with us as it was the last time for Jane and us to ride together. There were no strangers in Jane's eyes, only Friends she has not met yet.  No matter the weather or events of the day Jane was one to arrive with a smile and arms outreached for a hug.  Jane we are happy that we had the opportunity to meet and ride with Walt and yourself,  Rest in peace our friend.

Bob and Barbara

Granny2Wheels (G2W)

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Mack, I assure you, you are not disrespecting Janie or Walt -- and I don't think Scott would be offended, either.  Thank you for your words.


Granny2Wheels (G2W)

From: Granny2Wheels (G2W)


Beautifully said, dear friend.


Thank you dear friend.



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Lynda and I just today got word of this tragic news and we were both stunned.  Our deepest and heartfelt sympathies to you, to your sons and daughter and their families, and to your extended family that makes up this forum.

Janie will be missed by everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing her.

- Ron and Lynda Rizzo


Words seem so inadequate right now. It so hard to grasp that she is gone.

Heartfelt condolences and love from Kentucky,

Carrie and Carol

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From: LeeHightower


My deepest sympathies, Walt.  The world is truly a darker place as one of its brightest lights has gone out.  Though I only knew your beautiful bride here at the forum, I felt a genuine pain at hearing of her leaving. 

No need to reply, I know you're swamped.

And if you don't object...

Great Spirit guide this gentle soul to her place in the hereafter.  Grant comfort to all those who loved her. 

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Walt, words cannot describe our sorrow.

We will continue to carry Janie in our hearts as the wonderful, forever young, breath of fresh air that she was.  We always knew that as soon as Janie joined us on the porch at Laurel Park that we were in for a wonderful fun story and a good time.  We will remember those smiles and good times.

You are in our prayers.

Mike and Robbi


My best wishes to you and your entire family.  Such a sad day.