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From: Scottski


Scott - be sure to keep us posted on whatever you plan... I would like to be part of it.



I've been looking at the New Jersey map.

The way I see it [right now] is we'll all hook up at a motel in or near Freehold then ride over to Walt's place the next morning, visit Jane's resting place, then all go have a big meal with Walt and any of his family and friends he'd like to invite.  We'll stay that night then depart for our homes the next morning.  That makes it a two day event.  Count riding time and for some folks [like me] it could be as much as a six day sojourn.  I can provide free lodging in Eastern Ohio or Western Pennsylvania out and back for several people who might be taking the same route I do.

I'll be doing some research to identify lodging in NJ.

Not everyone whom wants to participate may be able after a date is set, that's unavoidable, but we'll thrash it around here while the bikes are parked for the winter and come up with a time when its best for most that desire to participate in [this] endeavor.



You bet Solo.



Nikel (F18SPANKY)

From: Nikel (F18SPANKY)



1.  I would be honored to join you.

2.  We have room in Fredericksburg, VA for several folks taking the south to north route.  Little less than 250 miles to Freehold.


Copy that Craig.

I expect it will unfold in time into something superb.




Ed (Ed_S)

From: Ed (Ed_S)


Where in eastern Ohio/western PA do you have a place?

I'd like to go along, work permitting.

Eastern Ohio:  Vermillion ...easy access from the OH Turnpike.

Western Pennsylvania:  North Hills of Pittsburgh ...easy access from PA Turnpike.

I'll be riding right past Youngstown, you'd be welcome to stay at my sister's new home ...if you want to stop that soon.  I suppose I should let her know eh?  Lol!

That is if I opt to pass Vermillion on the way east.  It's a good day's ride from here, Pgh. reachable too, just a longer day's ride.  They have a summer home on Lake Erie and are there off & on throughout the Spring/Summer.  It'll depend on where she's at when I'm riding to NJ.  The nice thing is both places are easy to get to from the super-highway with free food and lodging.  It could be interesting indeed if a half-dozen or more bikers show up at Lori's place.  : ) 



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Ed (Ed_S)

From: Ed (Ed_S)


St Louis is about 600 miles from here, so yeah, you're a full day's ride away.

I work a goofy schedule - 24 hours on followed by 48 off. Whether I'd be able to go or not depends on when it would be, and if I can get the vacation time. (and getting my wife to agree to my going, too, of course!)

New Jersey is certainly reachable in a day's ride from here, though.

So we'd have 3 days - the day everyone arrives, the day with Walt, and the day everyone leaves?

That sounds about right to me.  I don't know why you think I'm in St. Louis, I'm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


Ed (Ed_S)

From: Ed (Ed_S)


Yes, I saw that in your profile. But I used St Louis as a mileage marker, since it's a known distance from here.