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Where are you?   General Discussion

Started 11/26/19 by mtlcowgirl1; 1541 views.

From: JOHNNIEG2756


Will try.  Got in 220 miles today.  Couple more nice days coming and the door gets closed


From: Scottski



I'm not sure what the problem is. It might be electrical, or it could possibly be the motor. It really doesn't matter since I have not ridden the bike but once in the last two years, and that for only a few minutes. My physical condition is not too good, and I'd be in a world of hurt if anything went wrong. Heck, I'm usually in a world of hurt when things are going well!

I tried donating the bike to the people that take vehicles for charity but they didn't want her. So I guess she will sit on the carport under the old cover from my Goldwing until I find someone who wants a free bike to play with. I don't have the mechanical aptitude ( or a place to work on it ) myself.

As a friend of mine says, "it is what it is" and I am just grateful for the years and miles I enjoyed and the people I got to know and ride with.

Ride safe!



From: JOHNNIEG2756


Sorry to hear that.  Your too young to be having problems.  Hope things get better and we all get out of this lockdown. Take care guy.