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Where are you?   General Discussion

Started Nov-26 by mtlcowgirl1; 389 views.

From: UncleJerry


Hi Karen,

We had snow yesterday. The first of the season. Maybe an inch or so. By evening it was all gone. Still a bit chilly. But then is the last part of December. What should we expect?

VA is moving at a snail pace. but they are moving. My next appt is Dec 23. I think it is only for a booster shot. Maybe for shingles. I only found out about it when they
mailed a reminder to me. Monday and Tuesday are my library days. I can make it work.

I have no big plans for Christmas . Maybe hit my baby Sister for noon meal. She mentioned that I could when I sspoke with her noonish..

Life is good -Vita bona

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From: UncleJerry


Merry Christmas o All;

From: mtlcowgirl1


Merry Christmas to you, Jerry.  God bless you for being my friend.  Hope you are well.


From: UncleJerry



Does not appear that many want to keep this forum going. I am still here. I had a good New Year day Not much happened but that is good. This morn I did a bit on my VA thing.

I am sitting here in the library just having fun. Doesn'y pay anything but gives me something to do.

Bye for now.


From: mtlcowgirl1


Staying out of trouble, I see LOL.  That's good.  Nope, looks like Walt's forum is pretty much in limbo.  Mind you, it's winter and not many are riding.  We'll see what happens.


From: UncleJerry


Yesterday we had a family impromptu meeting for evening meal. One sister did not make it to the eating. It was fun being together. As usual my brother tried to pay for all of us and one sister insisted on paying for hers. The total bill for the five of us was less than $25. so you can see that we didn't go to t he high dollar place. We ate at Dairy Queen. As we were preparing to leave a young (probably late single digits) came over and asked to sit on my lap. He had missed me at Christmas time and wondered if it was too late. wondered if sit was too late; So I said okay and set down and he piled on. Mom was right there and took our picture. Some people think that I resemble Santa. We were all laughing. Seems as if Mom had offered him some money is he would do it. And he called her on it. No we have no idea who they are. Just fellow diners.

Tuesday will be a busy day for me. Be at the work place by 6:30 am and be lucky to be home by 8:00 pm. the local school has called an bond election. I will be sitting on the election board. Not hard work but long hours.

I was late calling Lil on her birthday. I was about a week late ut it was good to visit with her.
Life is good - Vita bona.



From: mtlcowgirl1


Sounds like you had a ball at DQ.  Simple is often best.