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REINTRO BY me!   Member Intros w/Uncle Jerry

Started Sep-6 by UncleJerry; 112 views.

From: UncleJerry


It has been so long since I have been here I forgotten everything including my screen name! not to mention password, "motorcycle view forum", and how to start a thread. I am such a newb.

First the good new news: I am alive. or at least I think I am. I will try to keep this post kinda in order.

The story starts March 16th when my sister puts me in isolation. That means no library or WI FI. She take over my shopping. Boring but doable.

June 3rd is exciting. Local ER, fast plane trip to Okla City. Blood on lungs. did some magic. Been rehabing since. now in lockdown in Fort Dodge, Ks, yes, they have WI FI.

Nice to back



From: Z1000Dan


Welcome Back!

Hi Jerry

Was Good talking to  You yesterday and glad You are are able to Get on the Forum also.

Keep Us all up to date on Your progress.

      JOHN and LIL(vinniesparents)   it tomorrow never comes GOD BLESS


From: mtlcowgirl1


I am so relieved, Jerry.  John just emailed me to apprise me of your situation.  Please keep well and in touch, okay?


From: Scottski



Sorry to see that you have been ill - try to not do that, ok? Stay safe at Ft Dodge, enjoy the WiFi and get back home when you can.

God Bless, and ride safe!




From: mtlcowgirl1


Hiya, Scott.

He's being looked after in Fort Dodge.  I am relieved that he is.  How you been doing, "Smarter than the average bear"?


From: Scottski


Hi, Karen! I'm just hangin' in, hangin' out and hangin' on... trying to stay away from people outside my close circle of friends ( except when I go to the store for groceries ). I'm finding that doing yard chores like cleaning up limbs that fell out of the pecan tree are a lot harder now than they were 20 years ago.

I hope all is well with you in Montreal and that you have a good Winter up North!




From: mtlcowgirl1

1:26 PM

No kidding.  I don't feel old but my body tells me otherwise.  We have to know our limitations, I guess.  I hope we have a nice winter with lots of snow.  The alternative is freezing rain, which we got two winters ago.  The hospitals were full of people with broken bones.  Now they're full of COVID cases.  Argh!