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Wonderfully stated Debbie.

>> ...I believe that our loved ones, once they've passed on, can be with us in the speed of a thought...<<



Sail on friend




From: DebbieS81


Thanks, Meteorman.

I truly believe that.  I also believe that once separated, when we are reunited, it will be like only a moment in time has elapsed.  Although here on Earth, it may seem like an eternity, I think that when you finally are reunited, it's like only a minute has passed, with no long time of waiting and all sadness will be gone.... only joy.

Have you done any sailing lately?  Last time I was sailing was about 6 years ago now, I reckon...

Our best to you and Deb.


Debbie & Clyde

Walt -

I'm so sorry to hear the news about Janie - I saw a post on Denny's forum.     I've read so often about all the good times that the two of you shared.   May the grace of God be with you and your family. 




From: 1MeanJoe


Thank you for saying - Christ has Risen. That he has. I can only pray that I will be in Heaven with my love ones. My mother died in April at the age of 82. When I was young I thought 30 was getting old. Now at 50 I say that my mother had many years to go and that at 82 she died too young of COPD.
My 24 year old daughter was sleeping the other night and said that my mother came and talked to her. My mother told her that she is working with Angels now and is looking down on us. She sees us grieving and wishes the best for us.
I got out my old Psyc book from college and was reading about "Sleep." I figured that she was in Stage 4 sleep. Do I believe she talked to my mother? I really don't know. The mind can play many tricks on us. Jamie called me at 5:30am crying about it all. So I just comfort her and told her to believe and trust in the Lord.
I have prayed for Walt over his lost and brought it up at our Church a few weeks back. Prayers do help in many ways.
Again thank you for mentioning our Risen Savior in your post.
I'm so sorry Walter. But I think you are brave to talk about it and maybe that helps. How is the other lady going, MaryAnn I think it was?
PoppyMoto (Walter_Kern)

Well, much has happened since I wrote that message. I have a notebook full of conversations and events that I have been part of over the past 25 days. I have spent many days with each of my grown children and my grandchildren and I have not stopped communicating either verbally or electronically to all who were involved in this. I have not shared much of this here, yet.

Mary Ann is in a nursing home at present and will be evaluated on Nov 1 for a possible third surgery on Nov 2. She is speaking and communicating with her family. I have not been able to talk with her. She faces a minimum of six months of treatment and rehab.

Diane, who was in the back seat, is close to me, about seven miles away. I have been in pretty constant communication with her family and have spoken to her twice on the phone, the latest was yesterday. I am hoping to see her today or tomorrow. She had back surgery and is now trying to find the right mix of drugs to relieve the constant pain. She still has broken bones in her neck which the doctors hope will heal themselves by her wearing a rigid neck brace for 12 weeks. She sounds good but goes into low periods at the drop of a hat.

My kids have "circled the wagons" around me as have my motorcycle friends who take great pains to nestle me between them on short rides. I am picked up at my house by at least two other riders and returned the same way.

Every day has been busy for me from the time I get up to the time I fall asleep. Every evening brings three phone calls from my kids to get my list of activities for the day and discuss anything going on in their lives.

I try to keep up with my Motorcycle Views work and my Polar Bear Grand Tour work -- I just recently updated that site for the coming winter riding season and I created a short tribute to Jane also.

Thanks to all who have expressed their condolences here.

I will also be issuing written thank-you notes to over 200 people as I have time.

You may be interested in the following link provided on the GWRRA Chapter NJ-F (F Troop) website. It has a story about how Jane and I got started in motorcycling. It was written by a couple we know in the chapter. She was in three organizations with Jane and he was the person who provided practical logistics to us both to learn how to ride and make a proper start. It also contains many pictures of us as taken by our chapter F friends over the years.


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Thank you for the link, Walter. It's a lovely tribute. I hope you find writing 200 notes comforting as it's nice so many people cared and wrote. I have had a busy school holiday, spending a week in Brisbane with my uncle who has asbestosis and is close to the end of his life. On 7th I am going to Darwin again to see Loretta. I'm thinking of you all as I go about these things.

I did what I said I woud do Janie.  Debbie helped me obtain a pretty little rose and we placed it on a chair under the pavillion where you and Walt were often seen sitting over the years.  It remained there all week undisturbed and everyone saw it.  You were remembered Janie, you were missed.  You should have seen the glory of nature on the Blue Ridge.  It would have caused you to weep at the beauty.  The thousands of trees adorned in their fall splendor was poetry to the eye. 

Rest now Janie.



PoppyMoto (Walter_Kern)

Thank you Scott. Your gesture brought a tear to my eye.


Your're welcome Walt ...see you next Spring/Summer.  We'll get something organized and ride to NJ.  Some kind of memorial visit and ride to Jane's resting place.