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Where are you?   General Discussion

Started 11/26/19 by mtlcowgirl1; 1602 views.

From: UncleJerry


Yesterday we had a family impromptu meeting for evening meal. One sister did not make it to the eating. It was fun being together. As usual my brother tried to pay for all of us and one sister insisted on paying for hers. The total bill for the five of us was less than $25. so you can see that we didn't go to t he high dollar place. We ate at Dairy Queen. As we were preparing to leave a young (probably late single digits) came over and asked to sit on my lap. He had missed me at Christmas time and wondered if it was too late. wondered if sit was too late; So I said okay and set down and he piled on. Mom was right there and took our picture. Some people think that I resemble Santa. We were all laughing. Seems as if Mom had offered him some money is he would do it. And he called her on it. No we have no idea who they are. Just fellow diners.

Tuesday will be a busy day for me. Be at the work place by 6:30 am and be lucky to be home by 8:00 pm. the local school has called an bond election. I will be sitting on the election board. Not hard work but long hours.

I was late calling Lil on her birthday. I was about a week late ut it was good to visit with her.
Life is good - Vita bona.



From: mtlcowgirl1


Sounds like you had a ball at DQ.  Simple is often best.


From: UncleJerry


Greetings form Okie land. I am guessing by that it is common knowledge that Leilehua"s Mama passed. Lung cancer got her. I liked the lady.

From: mtlcowgirl1


I am Facebook friends with Leilehua, so she posted to all of us.  I remember you saying that you communicated with her mom on radio.  It would appear that she was indeed a dynamo.  May she rest.  She lived a good and talented life.


From: Scottski


Hey there! It's nice to see that at least you and Jerry still visit the forum. Also found a long non-sensical post about the meaning of Life from some guy that reads like a bad excerpt from a Hare Krishna pamphlet <Grin>. I have not been here for a long time.

Would you believe I got here because of a NJ food item? I was searching for information on a "Taylor Ham" which is actually not a ham at all. It is a Taylor Original Pork Roll that appears to be a big cultural item in New Jersey. Browsing around in a NJ site made me think of Walt so I did a search for Walter Kern. The first set of responses included an obituary, and I thought "Oh, No!" and clicked the link... not our Walter Kern. Actually found several dozen obits for "Walter Kern" from all over the USA for guys of all ages, but happily not our friend Walt for any I browsed. So I searched again and added "motorcycle" to the criteria, which brought me here. It must be two years since I had a good working url for the forum. I am bookmarking it again so maybe I will be back more often.

Best to You and to Uncle Jerry!




From: mtlcowgirl1


Well hiya, Scott.  Glad to see you here again.  Yeah, I read that tripe, too.  WTF???  I've been trying to get the board going again, but apparently no takers.  Everybody's on FB now, it seems.  Walt hasn't been around and even Bill Wood can't get a hold of him.  Walt is probably wintering in Florida, as he does every year.  Still, it's odd that he hasn't checked in.  You take care of yourself and do check back in occasionally, okay?

Hi Karan

Sorry to see You are not having much Luck with getting the site back up and running guess it is hard to compete with Facebook these days.  But Thanks for trying hope all is well with You.

    John and LIL (vinniesparents)

If tomorrow never comes God Bless


From: mtlcowgirl1


Yep.  it would appear the place is dead.  Darned shame, really.  We had a good bunch here.  At least you guys checked in <smile>.  Jerry and Scott as well.  One never knows.  


From: JOHNNIEG2756


I drop in once in a while.  Sorry to see the place so empty.  Spent loads of time here back when.  I see Bill Wood on FB often.  Uncle Jerry and I will be getting older next month. Hell, we’ll be getting older tomorrow. I’ve got a couple rides in and yesterday spring ended. The snow can’t stay long.  Hope everyone had a fun/safe riding season.


From: mtlcowgirl1


Hiya, Johnnie.  Nice to see you here.  Yup. It's a shame the place is in limbo.  I am on Facebook with Bill Wood as well.  Wish I knew where Walter Kern was.  If anyone knows, please let me know.  Even if it is bad news.  Keep riding.