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From: Dunggate7/6/18 6:25 PM 
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Nerve agents not found in samples from Syria's Douma – interim OPCW report
Published time: 6 Jul, 2018 16:36
Edited time: 6 Jul, 2018 17:11
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Nerve agents not found in samples from Syria's Douma – interim OPCW report
No traces of any nerve agents have been found at the site of a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma, an interim report issued by the OPCW says. However, traces of chlorine were found at the site, it adds.
“Various chlorinated organic chemicals were found in samples” from two locations in the Damascus suburb of Douma, which were examined by specialists from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) an interim document says. 
At the same time, the report confirmed that "no organophosphorous nerve agents or their degradation products were detected in the environmental samples or in the plasma samples taken from alleged casualties."
READ MORE: Containers with chlorine from Germany, smoke bombs from UK's Salisbury found in E. Ghouta – Moscow
The OPCW sent a fact-finding mission to Douma in April, around a week after the alleged incident. During the same month, Russia said that chlorine containers from Germany, which apparently belonged to militants, were found in the liberated parts of Douma.
Later, the Russian military found an entire laboratory operated by militants in central Douma, which was capable of producing chemical weapons. The lab had some sophisticated equipment, including an industrial chemical reactor, which was apparently used by the militants to create toxic agents. The footage, taken by Russian journalists inside the facility, also showed vast stockpiles of various chemicals, some of which were produced in Germany, as well as empty mortar shells that could be filled with poisonous substances.
The purported chemical incident in Douma allegedly took place on April 7. A week later, Washington and its allies launched a massive retaliatory missile strike against Syria, without even waiting for the OPCW to start its investigation of the incident.
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From: Dunggate7/6/18 6:31 PM 
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Amesbury poisoning: Couple 'handled contaminated item'
5 July 2018
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Related TopicsAmesbury Novichok poisoning
Image copyrightFACEBOOK
Image caption
The couple, Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley, fell ill on Saturday
The couple poisoned by Novichok were exposed to the substance after handling a contaminated item, police say.
Charlie Rowley, 45, and Dawn Sturgess, 44, collapsed at a flat in Amesbury, Wiltshire, on Saturday and remain critically ill.
Home Secretary Sajid Javid said the nerve agent was the same as that used on ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in March.
Russia said Theresa May's government was subjecting them "to hell".
Mr Javid accused Russia of using Britain as a "dumping ground for poison" after the second incident involving the nerve agent.
Media captionFootage shows Ms Sturgess in Salisbury days before her collapse
But a Russian Embassy spokesman said all allegations of the country's involvement were "merely speculative".
The Met said there were around 100 detectives from the Counter Terrorism Network working alongside Wiltshire Police on the "major incident".
Salisbury District Hospital's chief executive Cara Charles-Barks said the couple are "extremely unwell" and remain in a critical condition.
Amesbury poisoning: What we know so far
Salisbury reacts with shock and worry after Novichok case
Russian spy: What happened to the Skripals?
BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera said that because the highest concentration of Novichok was found on the couple's hands, police believe the item they handled could be a container or receptacle that was used to carry the nerve agent.
He said the most likely hypothesis was the Novichok was left over from an item discarded after the attack on the Skripals.
Toxicologist Prof Alastair Hay said it would be possible for Novichok to still be dangerous four months after first use.
Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said there was nothing in the couple's background to suggest the pair had been targeted.
The BBC's home affairs correspondent June Kelly said it has been suggested the item "could be a vial or syringe because of the couple's lifestyle".
Chemical weapons expert Richard Guthrie said it was possible that the couple came across the Novichok after it had been disposed of "in a haphazard way".
Debbie Stark, south west deputy director from Public Health England said the risk to the public of further poisoning incidents "remains low".
Police have set up a helpline for anyone who needs further advice: 0800 092 0410 or 0207 158 0124.
Media captionSajid Javid calls on Russia to explain "exactly what has gone on" following Amesbury incident
In a statement to MPs, Mr Javid said: "It is now time that the Russian state comes forward and explains exactly what has gone on."
He said the "strong working assumption" was that the couple came into contact with Novichok in a location which had not been cleaned up following the Skripal poisoning in nearby Salisbury.
"It is completely unacceptable for our people to be either deliberate or accidental targets, or for our streets, our parks, our towns, to be dumping grounds for poison," he added.
He said he could not rule out the possibility that the Novichok found in Amesbury was from the same batch used in the Salisbury attack and that scientists would be "looking into that".
'Muddy the waters'
Earlier, Mrs May said it was "deeply disturbing" to see two more people exposed to Novichok in the UK, and the police would leave "no stone unturned in their investigation".
Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said British streets must not be allowed to become "killing fields for state actors".
But the spokesman for the Russian Embassy said the government had yet to contact them about the incident
He added: "Instead of genuine co-operation, London is doing everything possible to muddy the waters, to confuse and frighten its own citizens.
"One can only guess what the reasons behind such a line of behaviour are."
Media captionSam Hobson, friend of Charlie Rowley: "His eyes were red… he was sweating and dribbling"
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From: Dunggate7/31/18 2:01 PM 
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Man blows himself up at football field in Belgium
Published time: 31 Jul, 2018 11:46
Edited time: 31 Jul, 2018 12:32
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Man blows himself up at football field in Belgium
The football pitch in Verviers, Belgium © Google Maps
A man, reportedly wearing an explosive belt, has blown himself up at a football field in Verviers, Belgium, the local prosecutor’s office reported. The man was the only victim.
The man detonated explosives on his person between 8:30am and 9am on Tuesday, Belgian outlet RTL info reported, citing the prosecutor’s office. Police do not know his identity, nor have they established a motive for the apparent suicide bombing.
Nearby streets have been closed to traffic, and a bomb disposal crew are at the scene.
Roeland Roovers
Replying to @r0eland
11:42 AM - Jul 31, 2018
Bauduin était le premier sur place et a vu l’homme qui s’est fait exploser à Stembert: "Il a marché...
Une explosion mortelle a eu lieu, ce mardi matin, rue du Panorama, à Stembert. Il s’est rapidement avéré que la personne décédée s’était elle-même fait exploser, au centre du terrain de foot des...
See Roeland Roovers's other Tweets
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The man was around 50 years old, and walked to the center circle of the field before blowing himself up, according to one witness report.
Mayor Hasan Aydin has downplayed speculation that the man wanted to commit a terrorist act. “Suicide seems plausible,” he told Sudinfo.be. “If he had wanted to do more damage, he would certainly have been in a place in town where there were more people.”
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  • Edited July 31, 2018 2:02 pm  by  Dunggate

From: Dunggate8/1/18 7:04 PM 
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Heartbreaking: Police officer allegedly shot by illegal immigrant dies
July 31, 2018 by Jerry McCormick
Heartbreaking: Police officer allegedly shot by illegal immigrant dies
Tomás Del Coro / CCL
An American hero has lost his life at the hands of yet another undocumented immigrant.
Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller’s death was announced Saturday afternoon by the Fort Meyers Police Department.
The Shooting
Last Saturday, Officer Jobbers-Miller was called to a local gas station to respond to a call over a stolen cell phone.
Officer Jobbers-Miller caught up with the suspect, Wisner Desmaret, a 29-year-old undocumented immigrant from Haiti, lying face down on the street.
Desmaret can be heard on the video captured on Jobbers-Miller’s body cam first telling the officer to not shoot him, then to “shoot me while I’m not looking.”
Desmaret was assured he was not going to be shot and asked to stand up.
At this time, the men who had their cell phone stolen arrived in a car.
The officers went over to talk to the men when Desmaret stood up and attempted to get into the car.
He then attempted to flee the scene on foot and was pursued by Officer Jobbers-Miller.
Just as the officer was catching up to the suspect, Desmaret turned around with his hands down, palms up, appearing to surrender.
He then lunged at the officer, knocking him off balance.
With the officer down on the ground, Desmaret reached for the officer’s gun, removed it from his holster, and shot Officer Jobbers-Miller in the head.
Desmaret then fled the scene but was ultimately taken down by another officer when Desmaret reportedly raised the gun to fire on him.
Never Turned Over
Sadly, this is yet another case where the alleged suspect should have never been in the country.
Do you support ICE?
Desmaret had been arrested multiple times over the past few years and ICE had even placed holds on him twice, in 2008 and 2010.
Unfortunately, Desmaret remained on the streets, ultimately taking the life of Officer Jobbers-Miller.

From: Dunggate8/14/18 5:17 AM 
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A car has smashed into a security barrier outside the Houses of Parliament in London, injuring several people. Police have arrested a man and cordoned off the area.
Armed police at London’s Parliament after car smashes into barriers (WATCH LIVE)
Published time: 14 Aug, 2018 06:56
Edited time: 14 Aug, 2018 07:47
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Armed police at London’s Parliament after car smashes into barriers (WATCH LIVE)
© Twitter @btt123
A car has smashed into a security barrier outside the Houses of Parliament in London, injuring several people. Police have arrested a man and cordoned off the area.
Metropolitan Police say that several pedestrians were injured when a vehicle hit barriers outside London’s Parliament around 8am local time on Monday. The driver was arrested at the scene.
Parliament Square was shut down, according to British media, and a large number of police cars descended on the site. Westminster tube station has been closed.
The authorities have not stated whether the incident was terrorism-related or not. A police spokeswoman said that they are “still trying to piece it together,” according to Reuters.
View image on Twitter
Alain Tolhurst
 Witness says vehicle hit several cyclists and then smashed into barrier outside Parliament - one casualty being treated. Police taking situation, understandably, very seriously
7:57 AM - Aug 14, 2018
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 Incident outside Parliament! Man arrested and taken away by armed police!! #Westminster #Parliament
7:56 AM - Aug 14, 2018
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Yotam Rozenwald
 #BREAKING: car smashes into security barriers at the #British #Parliament
7:56 AM - Aug 14, 2018
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Sam Lister
 A number of pedestrians have been injured after a car crashed into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament, Scotland Yard said.
8:10 AM - Aug 14, 2018
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From: Dunggate8/16/18 6:47 AM 
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Feign outrage, act surprised, accuse Russia: How Sweden reacts every time after mass car firebombing
Published time: 16 Aug, 2018 09:07
Edited time: 16 Aug, 2018 09:35
Feign outrage, act surprised, accuse Russia: How Sweden reacts every time after mass car firebombing
/ Twitter / Courtesy: @Astor99
Over 1,800 cars have been set on fire in Sweden since January, and a record was set when over 100 were torched within hours of each other this week. After each incident, the same pantomime plays out, as if for the first time.
In this spectacle every actor, from righteous government politicians to confused police officers to concerned academics has their own part, played always with a straight face. While the latest incident provides a good case study, these steps can be transposed from Sweden to almost any Western European country, from a car burning to a mass riot to a gang rape.
Here is how the drill goes.
Bombastic outrage from ruling centrist politicians
The more routine something becomes, the more indignant the language deployed by the government to convince the people it still cares.
Stefan Lofven visits Gothenburg to inspect the arson site. / AFP
Socialist Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who is facing an election next month, outdid himself this time.
READ MORE: Swedish PM ‘pissed off’ as masked youths set scores of cars on fire across country (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
“I am angry about this, for real,” the Prime Minister assured the audience during a radio interview. “I ask the perpetrators, What the hell are you doing?” he howled, as if he was personally interrogating them in the basement of his Stockholm palace.
Lofven appears to be living quite a tempestuous existence. In the past two years alone he felt “a great anger” over reports of Afghan refugees attacking women at music festivals, “outraged” about an attack on a synagogue in Gothenburg, and “furious” about sharia patrols on Swedish streets.
If only there was a productive outlet for this man’s emotions.
Media reports appear suddenly very confused about what is happening, or why
Usually so clear and concise, news articles become detective mysteries to be pieced together by the reader.
There is talk of shadowy hooded figures, criminologists discussing that most such attacks happen in August before school starts (and?) or that car burning is a form of insurance fraud (this could well be true, but somehow one doubts that anyone is going to be lodging 100 simultaneous claims next week) that the mass arson was organized on social media, which is neither here nor there.
A representative locally-written New York Times article claims that the “phenomenon has stymied the police and criminologists” and later that it has “left police officers scratching their heads as they struggle to find the root cause of the fires.”
Like many others, the article believes that the torchings happen in high-crime areas with a significant proportion of immigrants is a coincidental irrelevance, even if it crops up again and again, and is inevitably the first comment below articles on the subject (albeit not in Swedish media, which doesn’t tend to allow comment sections).
Wait, wait, we’ve solved it, it’s the Russians
From the same NYT article. 
“Residents cite disparate theories to explain the attacks, including blaming them on Russians trying to foment unrest before the election.”
Not only is it interesting that an article that has studiously avoided conclusions might suddenly get so specific, but some might find it hard to believe that among the “disparate theories” propounded by locals, sneaky Russian arsonists came out top. Still, as always, a reassuring use of anonymous and non-specific sources from that publication.
Or maybe it wasn’t the Russians, it was a false flag from the anti-migrant nativists. 
“I would not be surprised if far right extremists were involved in some way,” tweeted Daniel Riazat, a Left Party MP, apropos of nothing.
Perhaps best combine the two. Is Russia firebombing cars to help the anti-EU Sweden Democrats? 
After all, the head of the Swedish intelligence called Russia “the biggest threat to our security,” earlier this year, looking to meddle in the election.
On the other hand, hundreds of burning cars are not a threat to national security, or political stability (perhaps not having them set on fire would be one way of taming those unruly nativists).
Hold on, we’ve caught them! It’s not the Russians, so probably not worth the hoopla
To everyone’s astonishment after all the next-level theorizing, the suspects, arrested on Wednesday, turned out to be three male acquain
...[Message truncated]


From: Dunggate8/20/18 6:14 AM 
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US Embassy in Turkey attacked by gunman in passing car – reports
Published time: 20 Aug, 2018 04:38
Edited time: 20 Aug, 2018 07:34
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US Embassy in Turkey attacked by gunman in passing car – reports
FILE PHOTO: Riot police secure the roads around US Embassy in Ankara, Turkey © Umit Bektas / Reuters
An unknown gunman fired several shots at the US Embassy in the Turkish capital, Ankara from a passing car, smashing a window. Police are looking for the suspect.
No one was injured in the attack, local media report. The shooting took place at about 5am local time (2am GMT). Five or six gunshots were heard near the security guard’s cabin at the embassy’s Gate 6. They came from a white car that drove by and escaped before its license plate number could be determined.
Amichai Stein
 #BREAKING: Shots fired at the US Embassy in Ankara #Turkey, targeting the security guards booth
5:06 AM - Aug 20, 2018
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Police have been dispatched to the scene and the search for the car and the fugitives is ongoing.
The attack comes at a time when relations between NATO allies US and Turkey are rapidly souring over the detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson in Turkey. Brunson is accused of aiding the 2016 coup attempt and faces up to 35 years in prison. The US Treasury has imposed sanctions on the Turkish ministers of justice and interior, and US President Donald Trump ramped up tariffs on aluminum and steel imports the country.
READ MORE: 'We see the games they play': Erdogan says Ankara won't bow to US
The economic pressure sent the Turkish national currency, the lira, plunging to unprecedented lows. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Washington of deliberate attacks on Ankara’s economy and urged his people to drop the dollar in favor of the lira.

From: Dunggate9/10/18 9:15 AM 
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7 injured in Paris after man armed with knife, iron bar goes on stabbing spree
Published time: 9 Sep, 2018 22:50
Edited time: 10 Sep, 2018 07:29
7 injured in Paris after man armed with knife, iron bar goes on stabbing spree
© Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters
At least seven people have been injured, four seriously, in Paris after a man attacked people with a knife and an iron bar at two separate locations. The attacker is believed to be an Afghan national.
In an initial incident, the attacker wounded three people in front of a cinema in the 19th arrondissement late on Sunday evening. A group of men playing petanque tried to stop him by throwing a heavy iron ball used in the popular French game, according to Le Parisien.
“He had an iron bar in his hand which he threw at the men chasing him, then he took out a knife,” a security guard at the cinema recalled after the initial attack.
Remy Buisine
 Paris - Plusieurs personnes blessées dans une attaque au couteau le long des Quais de la Loire vers 23H30.
11:11 PM - Sep 9, 2018
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According to another witness account, a man running with a 25-30cm knife in his hand was pursued by around 20 people. “They started throwing petanque balls at him. Around four or five balls hit him in the head, but they weren't able to stop him,” Youssef Najah told AFP.
 DIRECT ???? Attaque au couteau à Paris : Au moins 7 blessés dont 5 en état d'urgence absolue. L'assaillant interpellé. (images @RemyBuisine) https://wp.me/p7GDoh-bTc 
12:16 AM - Sep 10, 2018
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After running away from the scene of the first attack, the assailant continued on Rue Henri Nogueres, where he wounded two English tourists, who sustained head and chest injuries.
The aggressor, who was also injured, was finally arrested by the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) of the police. The suspect is believed to be “an Afghan” national, local media report.
Clément Lanot
 PARIS - Plusieurs blessés dont deux gravement dans une agression au couteau ce soir sur le Quai de la Loire dans le 19eme arrondissement de Paris. Auteur interpellé.
11:20 PM - Sep 9, 2018
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In total, at least seven people were injured by the individual, four of whom have been hospitalized in a serious condition, police said.
While authorities have yet to establish the motive behind the attack, an investigation has been launched into the violent spree. A source close to the probe told Le Parisien that, so far, there was no basis on which to call the incident a terrorist attack.
View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
Altaveu Andorra
 Attaque au couteau à #Paris: un homme a poignardé plusieurs passants, au moins 7 blessés dont 5 en urgence absolue
12:21 AM - Sep 10, 2018
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From: Dunggate9/16/18 11:35 AM 
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‘Allahu Akbar’: Two Injured After Suspect Drove Vehicle into Late-Night Crowds in France
Nimes France PoliceGetty Images
14 Sep 2018194
Police arrested a 32-year-old suspect in the early hours of Friday morning after a vehicle struck anti-terror barriers in the French city of Nimes, injuring two.
Although few details about the identity of the suspect are known, police sources reported by Midi Libre state he is believed to have deliberately wanted to hit a crowd of people with his vehicle. He struck anti-terror barriers deployed to prevent exactly that sort of incident, which worked as intended, potentially preventing a number of injuries or fatalities.
Several newspapers, including London’s Times reports the driver shouted Allahu Akbar, although Nimes police say they do not believe terrorism was a motivation for driving the vehicle into a crowded bar and that he was mentally confused. The suspect was not subject to a police S-file, the French system of monitoring extremists.





From: Dunggate12/12/18 11:13 AM 
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MANHUNT: Suspect in Strasbourg Shooting Identified, Was on ‘Terror Watch List’
posted by Hannity Staff - 1 hour ago
The suspected gunman behind the deadly shooting in Strasbourg, France Tuesday evening has been identified and was on a “Terror Watch List,” though officials refused to release the man’s name or age.
“A shooting in the French city of Strasbourg killed two people and wounded at least eight others, officials said. The shooting sparked a major security operation around a world-famous Christmas market on Tuesday. The gunman, who is at large, has been identified and had been flagged as a suspected extremist,” writes CBS News.
NBC News
 · 17h
Replying to @NBCNews
JUST IN: French counter terrorism prosecutor opens investigation into Strasbourg shooting incident, Paris prosecutor tells @NBCNewsWorld.
NBC News
JUST IN: French police: Strasbourg shooting suspect is known to authorities, and on a terrorist watch list; suspect remains at large; everyone in the Neudorf area warned to stay indoors.
9:32 PM - Dec 11, 2018
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“JUST IN: French police: Strasbourg shooting suspect is known to authorities, and on a terrorist watch list; suspect remains at large; everyone in the Neudorf area warned to stay indoors,” adds NBC News.

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