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From: EdGlaze DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host11/20/11 3:52 PM 
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CNC-Machined Headstamp Coasters — Great Gift Item

Here’s a great gift item produced by one of our Forum Members. Tom Sziler (aka Tomekeuro85) makes CNC-machined aluminum coasters designed to look like cartridge headstamps. Tom’s coasters are first milled from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum, then anodized in a brass color. Anodizing provides color and protects the finish.

Headstamp Coasters come in sets of four (either matching or mixed) with rubber pads on the bottom. Tom can engrave his coasters to look like most actual production headstamps, for almost every cartridge. (Buyers need to specify the Cartridge name and brass manufacturer.) Cost is $35 for set of four (4) matching coasters, or $40 for a mixed set with various calibers or manufacturer names. Shipping is $5 flat rate. Discounts are offered with five (5) or more sets. Order from Tom.Sziler@gmail.com.


Gun Jewelry from Todd Clark Designs

Are you looking for a holiday gift for a dedicated shooter/gun collector who has everything? Have a look at this hand-made “gun jewelry” from Todd Clark Designs. The gentleman shooter might want a set of cartridge-shell cuff-links, or maybe a sterling silver money clip with cartridge-head stud. For ladies, Todd Clark offers earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces.

Todd Clark Designs offers a variety of other products including tie tacks, key-fobs, bubble-level necklaces, cartridge head bracelets, and circular level cuff links. Todd Clark items range in price from $30 for a tie-tack to $600 for a sterling silver, cartridge-studded bracelet. But, most items are in the $50 – $80 range. This may give our readers some Christmas gift-giving ideas.


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From: EdGlaze DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host11/20/11 3:55 PM 
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GunGoddess.com Offers Products for Lady Shooters

GunGoddess.com features a variety of products and shooting accessories especially chosen for lady shooters. You’ll find colorful apparel, carry purses, holsters, and even jewelry crafted from bullet castings. GunGoddess.com was started by Athena Means, an active IDPA and USPSA pistol shooter. Athena, whose husband Mike served 20 years in the military, was inspired to create the site after searching in vain for shooting apparel and accessories in colors other than black, green, and tan. Athena wanted something with more appeal to the feminine eye: “I set out to find fabulous products that women shooters would love, and bring them all together here. Ladies who love to shoot will find all the traditional gear they need, but in neon pink and leopard print instead of traditional black!”

GunGoddess Website Will Be Expanded to Include Training Information
Athena plans to build out the site so that it offers much more than specialty products for sale: “As this website grows and develops, I hope it can become not just a place to find cute gear, but an educational resource and a way to connect with other like-minded ladies around the country! We’ll feature ladies’ training courses around the country, and articles on gun ownership and shooting. Whether you’re new to guns, or you shoot competitively, we’ll have something for you.” Though it specializes in products for women, GunGoddess.com also offers gift selections for men and kids, through its companion site, GunFighterWear.com. The GunGoddess designers can also create custom shirts for your shooting club.

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From: EdGlaze DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host11/20/11 4:03 PM 
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Milled T-6 Aluminum 40mm Salt & Pepper Shakers
13 Nov 11

The Xmas holiday buying season is right around the corner. If youfre looking for an unusual gift for a firearms enthusiast or military veteran, check out the 40mm Grenade Salt & Pepper shakers from GG&G. Available with either silver or gold anodized top sections, these measure 4 tall by 1 5/8 in diameter. GG&Gfs matched salt and pepper shakers are milled from solid billet 6061 T-6 aluminum, and closely replicate the dimensions of the original 40mm grenade. The tip of the projectiles are engraved with gSh or gPh to easily identify the contents. The top halves (gold or silver sections) unscrew for easy filling. Cost for either gold (GGG-1315) or silver (GGG-1316) versions is $45.00. These would also be a great gconversation piecesh for your Thanksgiving family get-together.


From: EdGlaze DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/6/11 8:57 PM 
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More Women Refusing to Be Victims of Crime
by Katie Pavlich 
22 Nov11

Gentlemen, thinking about what to get your lady for Christmas? How about a handgun or a concealed carry course? More women than ever are interested and taking advantage of opportunities to learn how to protect themselves while having some fun.

One a recent Saturday morning, Debra Robinson, 52, of Macomb Township drove two hours to spend the day learning about and practicing shooting guns.

"Our home was burglarized once while we were at work. The kids are grown up and out of the house. So now I have the luxury of time and I want to learn while I can."

Robinson signed up for the six-hour class almost as soon as she saw a newspaper notice about it. It's a good thing she signed up quickly, because the women-only class reached its maximum number of 25 students well before the deadline. There was a waiting list of women from all over Michigan, who wanted to learn more about guns.

The popularity of the class comes as no surprise to people working in the business who've seen growing interest in guns among women in recent years. Experts say women are taking more gun classes, buying and packing pistols and larger firearms, and they're having fun with guns at target ranges and gun sporting events.

As I always say, refuse to be a victim, or not, the choice is yours.


Know your guns

• Educate yourself. Take classes. Gun safety classes are offered by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and many police departments. Also check gun stores and clubs. Expect to pay at least $100 for the 8-hour CPL class that is required to get a license to carry a concealed pistol.

• Practice. Go to gun ranges and practice target shooting.

• Research websites that offer online information and direction, such as those of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership at www.mcrgo.org and the National Rifle Association at www.nra.org

• Read and know Michigan laws. Find info on the site of the Michigan State Police

• Two books specifically for women are "The Cornered Cat: A Woman's Guide to Concealed Carry" by Kathy Jackson (White Feather Press, $20) and "Personal Defense For Women" by Gila Hayes (Gun Digest Books, $21.99). Jackson also has a website: www.corneredcat.com

• For more information about the B.O.W. (Becoming An Outdoors Woman) program and upcoming classes run by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, visit www.michigan.gov/bow



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From: EdGlaze DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host11/23/12 5:40 AM 
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Forget The IPod, Santa Giving More Guns This Year.

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From: NWKook... (RDEJONGH) DelphiPlus Member Icon12/2/12 2:09 AM 
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It is legal as a gift, but not always advisable.


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From: EdGlaze DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/10/12 9:43 PM 
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August 2010 e-Postal Match!
August 2, 2010

For those of you that have shot them before, you know that bowling pin matches can be a lot of fun.

In a real bowling pin match, the clock doesn’t stop until you have “cleared” the table  that means you can’t just knock the pins over you have to knock all the pins off of the table.

Since we can’t use a timer and these are only pictures of pins, we will use a different scoring system.


Handguns  set the targets no closer than 15 feet/5 yards or as close to that as your range allows.  

Rifles  no closer than 10 yards.

This target has 15 bowling pins and you are allowed 15 shots (1 shot per pin).

For each shot that hits in the white portion of the pin only, you can consider that pin knocked off the table and worth 5 points.

For each shot that hits a pin but touches anywhere on the black outline, consider that pin NOT knocked off the table and give yourself only 3 points. A miss is a zero.

Something tells me we will have a lot of .22 LR entries. 

For you rifle and distance shooters, calculate your score by using a multiple of 1 for each increment of 10 yards that you shoot beyond the 10-yard minimum. So, if you are shooting at 30 yards — use a multiple of 3. If you are shooting at 50 yards, use a multiple of 5 and so on.

You can download it from Targetz.com. It is target No. 20023 on page 2 of their “Fun” targets: Download Now



HandgunClass I: Rim fire with iron sights
HandgunClass II: Rim fire with optics
HandgunClass III: Center fire with iron sights
HandgunClass IV: Center fire with optics
RifleClass I: Rim fire with iron sights
RifleClass II: Rim fire with optics
RifleClass III: Center fire with iron sights
RifleClass IV: Center fire with optics

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From: EdGlaze DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host1/20/14 5:13 PM 
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Military tech gift ideas
Jan. 09, 2014

Tech Take: Allison Barrie with gift ideas for military gear and tech for hunters and others.

Web sling


RiteInTheRain products

Cortex Compact Flashlight — $82

Weapons Care package


From: EdGlaze DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host11/24/14 6:32 AM 
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The holidays are back again, and odds are you have to buy gifts for friends and family who share your interest in firearms. But before you can sip on some eggnog next to a roaring fire, you’ll have to brave the elements and visit store after store tracking down the perfect gifts for your friends and family.

We’re here to make your holiday shopping a lot easier with the best gifts for the handgun enthusiast on your gift list. You’ll be thanking us while kicking back with your favorite beverage singing yuletide carols.

Read more: http://www.handgunsmag.com/gear-accessories/2014-holiday-handgun-gifts
(Slideshow does not work with Google Chrome browser)



The Best Guns & Gear to Unwrap This Year

Guns & Ammo 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Shooting Times 2014 Holiday Wish List

Holiday Gifts for Rifle Shooters 2014

The Best Holiday Handgun Gifts for 2014

10 Best Holiday Gifts … for a Laugh


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From: EdGlaze DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/16/14 6:07 AM 
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15 Gifts for the Gun Loving Guy
December 11, 2014
by Leave a Comment

Editors NoteWe’re pleased to welcome a new ‘riter to the My Gun Culture project – Mary Katherine. I’ve been shooting with Mary Katherine and her family on and off for years. She’ll be offering some women’s perspective on things like guns, gear, concealed carry and more. By the way, she shoots a Beretta PX4, Smith & Wesson Shield and Marlin 30-30 &nmdash; just in case you were wondering.

Looking for stocking stuffers to give to the firearms enthusiast in your life? Feast your eyes upon these amazing, handmade finds from small online business owners in America.

Chocolate pistols

Does he have a sweet tooth? You choose the flavor of chocolate and this shop will send you one dozen of these delicious treats!



Expanded View Smartphone Case

Take a look at this neat case. Customize the color and type for the perfect fit!



Rubber Band Gun

What a great gift for any kid, young or old! Have their name engraved on the side for a personal touch.Three designs available!



Shotgun Shell Letter Opener

This is a great addition to the office of any gun lover. Have their name engraved or give as is.





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