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How to Give a Gun as a Gift
by Erin Danly
24 Dec 13


Buying a gun for yourself already involves plenty of red tape, and that red tape gets even stickier if you decide to buy a gun for someone else. Read on for information to make the gift-giving process easier.

Gun laws vary by state, so check your state’s gun laws to make sure you’re in compliance. While many states do not require registration, licensing, or carry permits, others do. Also keep in mind that laws can vary depending on whether it’s a long gun (e.g., rifle or shotgun) or a handgun, and whether it’s an antique or replica firearm.

As the giver, you are also responsible for making sure that the recipient, to the best of your knowledge, is legally allowed to have a firearm. Persons who cannot receive or possess firearms, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), include those who have been convicted of certain crimes, are fugitives from justice, use drugs, or have been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces.

Want to purchase a new firearm as a gift?

Fill out Form 4473, a form from the ATF that is required when someone purchases a firearm from a Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder, i.e., a gun shop. The form asks for basic information, including name, birthdate, place of birth, and gender, as well as yes or no questions about things like criminal past, drug use, and citizenship.

According to the instructions, you are not allowed to purchase a firearm from an FFL on behalf of someone else with their money — this is called a “straw purchase” and is illegal — but you may purchase a firearm for someone with your own money as a gift. It is also illegal to give a firearm to someone you know or believe unable to legally own one.

Some states do not require purchase through an FFL and therefore do not require this form; again, check your state’s laws.

If your state requires it, ensure that both you and the intended recipient have the correct permits. In Illinois, for example, a valid firearm owner’s identification card is required.

Want to transfer a firearm as a gift?

Under the Gun Control Act, the federal government does not require any records for unlicensed (non-FFL) individuals to transfer or sell a firearm as long as both parties are “same-State” residents. However, some states may require that sales and transfers go through an FFL, even transfers between family members.

Want to gift a firearm to a minor?

Many states do not allow people under 18 to own a gun. Others require written consent from the parent or legal guardian before giving a gun. Washington State, for example, allows individuals between 14 and 18 to possess a rifle or shotgun if they have a valid hunter’s safety certificate or are supervised by an authorized adult, whereas New York State does not have any provisions for individuals under 18 to possess firearms of any kind.

Want to mail a firearm?

Check with individual carriers — including the USPSUPS, and FedEx — to find out about their policies on shipping firearms.

Want to make it easier on yourself?

Simply purchase a gift certificate from your gun shop and leave that under the tree instead.

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1. Propper Packable Backpack
Looking for a simple way to pack and go? Try the Packable Backpack. This lightweight, durable, water-repellent nylon bag stuffs into its own zippered pocket when not in use. It includes two zippered pockets for extra storage.
MSRP: $29.99 propper.com

2. First Tactical Men’s Lightweight Patrol Glove
With these gloves you will never have to worry about your grip slipping, and the fingertips allow for use on a touchscreen, so you won’t have to take them off when posting social media selfies.
MSRP: $29.99; firsttactical.com

3. ThinkGeek .50 Caliber Pen Holder
Made to look like a giant revolver cylinder, the .50 Caliber Pen Holder is sure to make a bold desktop display in your office. The six chambers are perfect for your favorite pens or pencils.
MSRP: $19.99; thinkgeek.com

4. Smith & Wesson Revolver USB Drive
Boasting a revolver shape, metal casing and capacities ranging from 2 GB to 64 GB, this high-speed, USB 2.0-certified drive will keep data safe while conveying your love of firearms. MSRP: $16 to $35; usbgeek.com

5. Longshot Manufacturing M-LOK Rails
Longshot offers the largest variety of aluminum MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails for the M-LOK mounting system along with smooth, snag-free ends.
MSRP: $19.50 (3-slot rail) longshotmanufacturing.com

6. Daniel Defense DD Magazine
Why carry a 30-round magazine when you could have 32? These magazines offer an improved feed lip design and are made of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer for longevity.
MSRP: $20; danieldefense.com

7. Hoppe’s Gun Medic Cleaner & Lube (10 ounces)
Need a quick clean of your firearms? When you don’t have the time or inclination to perform a meticulous scrubbing, quick sprays from this can will get rid of gunk and leave a thin layer of lube behind.
MSRP: $12.95; hoppes.com

8. Magpul DAKA Essential Wallet
Strip your wallet down to the essentials with the new DAKA Wallet. With space for three credit cards, ID and cash, its slim profile resists printing.
MSRP: $16.95; magpul.com

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1. XS Sight Systems Armorer’s Block for AR Platforms
Accommodating most AR-pattern rifles, the Armorer’s Block securely holds the upper assembly in a bench-mounted vise, allowing you to assemble, maintain or modify your rifle. It will fit the AR-15, AR-10, SR25 and DPMS GII. 
MSRP: $75 xssights.com

2. Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover
Rifle barrels get hot, and so do suppressors. Prevent heat dissipation from interfering with your sight picture with a cover designed to fit snugly over your sound suppressor. 
MSRP: $69.95 armageddongear.com

3. Wright Leather Works Bull Hide Gun Belt
If you are looking for the perfect companion for your new holster, check out the Bull Hide Gun Belt. Made from genuine bull hide, this 1.5-inch-wide belt comes in three color options and has a removable buckle should you wish to attach your own. 
MSRP: $58 wrightleatherworks.com

4. Smith Enterprise Strap-On Cheek Pad
Felt-like, waterproof padding with an overlaid PVC shell cushions recoil and minimizes vibration when firing large-caliber rifles that may lack a cheek rest or raised comb.
MSRP: $59.99 brownells.com

5. VZ Grips 320s
VZ’s 320 grips for Smith & Wesson J-frame revolvers are smooth, yet unpolished, leaving just enough surface texture for good purchase. Additionally, this displays the contrasting layers of G10 to best advantage.
MSRP: $75 vzgrips.com

6. U.S. Tool and Design Manual Bolt Extraction Device
Specific problems with your rifle require specific tools. This device is engineered to free stuck AR-15 bolts, fitting precisely around the bolt itself and angled to provide direct access to the bolt-carrier group.
MSRP: $35 ustoolanddesign.com

7. CRKT Tao Pen 2
Crafted from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, this tactical pen is sturdy enough to pack a surprising punch. The cap doesn’t need to be unscrewed, so you can actually use it as a pen — even upside down.
MSRP: $69.99 crkt.com

8. RE Factor Tactical Operator Band
Chock-full of survival items, this paracord bracelet contains additional essentials such as 30 feet of fishing line, 18 inches of leader wire, a fish hook, can opener and cuff key.
MSRP: $54.95 refactortactical.com

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1. Revision Military Bullet Ant Tactical Goggle System
This precision tactical goggle has a slim profile to ensure optimal fit. It provides anti-fog performance while ensuring distortion-free vision, and is made of resilient, high-impact material that comes prescription-ready.
MSRP: $99.99 revisionmilitary.com

2. Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock
Weighing a mere 6 ounces, this stock features an angled, non-slip buttpad, a QD-sling mount, an enhanced cheek weld and slots for mounting accessories.
MSRP: $124.99 missionfirsttactical.com

3. TacShield Rail Mount Bipod
Available in two different heights, this bipod is the perfect addition to AR-15-style carbines and rifles as it installs directly to a Picatinny rail via a single, easily turned thumbscrew.
MSRP: $79.99 (6-to-9-inch); $84.99 (9-to-13-inch) tacshield.com

4. Meprolight Sure Shot AR-15/M-16 Night Sight
Tritium inserts in both the front post and rear aperture give a glowing, three-dot aiming system that installs easily in any standard A1- or A2-style AR sight system, making it easier to aim in the dark.
MSRP: $114.90 themakogroup.com

5. Browning Black Label Team Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Lightweight and moisture-wicking, this 100-percent polyester long-sleeve T-shirt is designed to provide protection from the sun’s rays while allowing generous airflow to keep you cool.
MSRP: $110 browning.com

6. Solio Classic2
Though designed to meet the demanding charging protocols of Apple products, the three-panel Classic2 solar charger — with its full-size USB port — will connect to thousands of devices. It will charge e-readers and tablets, as well as cellular phones.
MSRP: $100 solio.com

7. Inteliscope PRO+ Smartphone Mount
With a variety of smartphone-based shooting apps, having a sturdy mount for your phone is critical. The PRO+ offers rubber-cased aluminum arms designed to fit over any protective case to hold your phone steady and secure.
MSRP: $139 inteliscopes.com


2016 Holiday Gift Guide: $151 to $300

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Over $300



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I'm not impressed with the more expensive gifts above but here are some alternatives at a variety of prices:

Gun Lover Gifts



Handgunner’s 2016 Gift Guide

Hundreds of goodies come across our collective desks each year and we always sorta’ keep one eye open for potential gifty-looking goodies. While this is in no way a complete list of what we thought was swell and worthy, what follows are nonetheless a few stand-outs.



GUNS 2016 Christmas Guide Guide

GUNS Military Christmas Gift Guide 2016

10 Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Handgun Connoisseur

AmmoLand Gift List For Men Who Like Guns




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Tis the Season for Prepper Presents
Got a prepper in the family? Here are some shopping ideas for Christmas.
by Dr. John
30 Nov 16

Got a prepper, survivalist, hunter, fisherman, or camper on your Christmas present list? If so, you’re in luck, because these folks are so easy to buy for and so easy to please. Not sure what to get for those with these interests? Read on.

If you really want to find out what is on the “I want” list for Santa, then do a little snooping. Check out the magazines and books your outdoors person is reading or thumbing through. You might even find a dog-eared page or two. Look around for gear catalogs scattered on the floor, too. This will be a good start to knowing where to look. And for sure, you probably know the person’s favorite outdoor store just by listening or prying around in closets or the garage.

Where to start? Clothing first, because nearly every day starts out by dressing. Nothing beats a high quality flannel shirt> from Duluth Traders or L.L. Bean. Shop when they do the free shipping. A new product identity cap or hat is usually a solid choice as well. There is also the ubiquitous socks, but please forget the cotton athletic variety. Go for wool in a light hiking style or, if it is really cold where you live, get the full bore knee high boot socks.

For sure your prepper is a shooter, and this opens the door to endless choices for Christmas presents. Find out what guns he shoots. Then first buy ammo. Maybe a new tactical gun case for that favorite AR and or a bag for toting everything. Other options for stocking stuffers include slings, gun cleaning supplies, scope covers, optical cleaning kits, life like targets, pistol rug cases, gun locks, and such. Just walk the aisles of a good gun shop and it will be easy to find stuff.

For the prepper-survivalist with a bug out plan, think additional supplies and gear items. Flashlights, fire starting kits, knife/ax sharpening tools, tote boxes, camping gear like lanterns, stoves, or heater units. Look for small gadgets they might not normally have and make up your own survival gear bag. A good first aid kit is always needed.

Wow, this is such an easy assignment, the tough part is narrowing down the choices and not busting the Yule Tide budget. First, and always, keep your eyes and ears open around the house, out in the yard, hunting camp, shooting range, bug out practice sessions, and elsewhere. Eventually being nosy will yield plenty of ideas for Christmas presents for preppers.

Next, go undercover and on a stealth mission. See what your prepper already has in terms of gear and supplies and find out what is missing. Take notes. Are there any corners turned down in supply or gear catalogs lying around near the TV chair or home office desk? Would there happen to be a list sitting around somewhere (secretly out in the open) you could spy on?

If all this fails, then go back to the basics. Do you all camp, hunt, travel, hike, shoot, or what is your bug in plan? For these activities alone, dozens of item ideas will fit under the tree just fine. Think in terms of ammunition, a holster, a shoulder carry mag bag,ammo carry box, storage containers, new boots, socks, compass, camping gear of all kinds, camp knife, ax, hatchet, binoculars, rangefinder, new EoTech optic, rifle scope, cool pistol grips, AR accessory, and on and on.

Big ticket items are always a winner. It might be a new MSR such as a new AR or a hunting/varmint bull barrel rifle. How about a new Ruger 10-22 breakdown model? Another back up pistol or concealed handgun will bring a smile. How about a training session at the local range to attain a concealed carry permit. A gas powered electric generator makes great prepper gear. Look at one of the new high tech long term ice chests. How would a new chainsaw fit into the mix? There are all kinds of tool sets to choose from.

Supply wise, pick out a month supply of the best long term storage foods to put back. Pick out several of the collapsible heavy plastic water storage containers. Get a first rate wide ranging first aid medical kit. A propane heater and or cooking station makes a great bug out piece of essential equipment.

Christmas ideas for a prepper or survivalist are virtually endless. If you run into a brick wall, then get your prepper my favorite present: a gift card to spend at one of many of my favorite outdoor stores. Then when the after Christmas sales start, I can cruise the aisles and get exactly what I want or need. What better way to say Merry Christmas to the whole All Outdoor family?

There are just so many avenues to approach with a prepper type person that gifting should be easy. If at a loss, then shop the shelves at a good book store and get a how-to book of which there is no shortage of options. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas from All Outdoors.


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You Got Your First Gun For Christmas… Now What?
by Bob Owens
26 Dec 16

If gun sales from the latter half of 2016 are any indication, tens of thousands of Americans probably gun their very first gun for Christmas yesterday.

To you we say, “congratulations!”

Whether it was a rifle or a pistol or a shotgun really doesn’t matter. What matters is that whatever firearm you receive, you learn to use it responsibly. If the person who gifted you a firearm (yes, gentle readers, that is entirely legal under federal law) is an experienced shooting enthusiast themselves then you may have someone who can already show you the ropes.

But what if you’ve got a new gun, and don’t really know anyone to train you on how to use it safely?

Never fear: help is at hand.

It may surprise some to discover that the National Rifle Association is first and foremost a firearms training organization. It’s the efforts of the  NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) and Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) that you see most often in the news.

The NRA’s massive training division has more than 125,000 instructors, 8,000 coaches, and 2,200 training counselors who teach more than a million people how to shoot every year.

There are dozens of classes offered by the NRA for students, broken down into five main subject areas:

  • Pistol Courses
  • Rifle Training Courses
  • Shotgun Training Courses
  • Home Firearms Safety Courses
  • Personal Protection Courses

NRA Home Firearm Safety Training Course is the very first course I would recommend for any new gun owner. It is a four-hour non-shooting course that covers safe gun-handling and storage in a classroom environment.

After that, I’d suggest one of the “Basics” or “FIRST Steps” courses that is specifically aimed at the sort of firearm you own. That may be NRA Basics Of Pistol ShootingNRA FIRST Steps Rifle OrientationNRA Basic Rifle Shooting CourseNRA FIRST Steps Shotgun Orientation, or NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course.

The “FIRST Steps” courses are focused on specific kinds of shotguns or rifles, while the “Basics” courses are solid entry-level classes to teach you how to use a firearm safely.

For those of you who received handguns and are primarily interested in them for self defense, the NRA offers three self-defense courses, and I’d personally recommend them in just this order, after the Basics Of Pistol Shooting Class, which is a pre-requisite.

  • NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course
  • NRA Basics Of Person Protection Outside The Home Course
  • NRA Defensive Pistol Course

I’ll direct you to the NRA Student Courses page for course descriptions and details.

The course rates may vary somewhat from location to location but they are reasonable. The round counts required is on the lower end of the spectrum and won’t break the bank, and the amount of time tends to be reasonable as well.

I’d highly recommend going to the link above, where you can input your state and ZIP code and find training dates and instructors near you.

You’ll have the opportunity to take a crack at the AQT, or Appleseed Qualification Test (shown above), and a deceptively tough course of fire that accurately simulates engaging targets at 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards under time pressure with forced magazine and position changes. If you can score a minimum of 210 points out of 250, you can earn a rating of “Rifleman.” Passing the AQT at your first Appleseed is relatively rare (it seems to take 2-3 Appleseed weekends for most shooters), but it can be done, and gives you a strong foundation for future rifle shooting endeavors in the field, in more advanced classes, or in competition shooting.

What’s beyond NRA and Appleseed training? There are all sorts of training opportunities limited only by your budget and imagination.


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Not necessarily for just shooters:












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10 Great New Pieces of Gun Gear
by David Hart
13 Feb 17

It’s true: A shooter can never have too many guns. And he can’t have too much gun gear, either. Thankfully, we have an endless supply of new shooting accessories that make our time on the range or in the field a little safer, a little more fun and a little easier. You may not realize it, at least not yet, but you need better hearing protection, a new suppressor, or maybe a new sight system for your favorite AR. Whether you hunt, shoot for fun or want to protect your loved ones, there’s lots of stuff out there that deserves a place in your home or garage.

Here’s a look at some of the best new gear.

Crimson Trace LinQ System

anks to the LINQ wireless laser/light system, you’ll never have to move your hands to switch on a light or a laser sight again. You can control the front-mounted light and laser combination with one finger on your gun’s grip. The system incorporates a control pad on a replacement rear grip that operates a green laser light and a 300-lumen LED white light with a simple touch of a button. It is adjustable for windage and elevation, and the system operates in four modes: light, laser, laser and light and laser and strobe. Even better, the LINQ system comes with free batteries for life. ($649; CrimsonTrace.com)

ShootSteel Magnum Spring Popper

If you love the sound of bullets smacking steel, you’ll love the heavy-duty targets from ShootSteel. The Magnum Spring Popper is made with ½-inch AR500 steel and can withstand repeated shots from a .338 Lapua at 200 yards and shots from smaller calibers at closer ranges. The base is made from 3/8-inch steel and includes a stainless steel spring to keep the target upright after each shot. It weighs 36 pounds. ($199; ShootSteel.com)

Caldwell Stable Table Shooting Bench

You’ll never have to shoot over a rolled up jacket laid across a fence post again. Caldwell’s Stable Table consists of seven easy-to-assemble parts for fast setup and takedown for use anywhere you need a solid shooting rest. The seat, tabletop and shaft can pivot, giving you freedom to swing 360 degrees on different targets. It’s built with a steel frame and includes a molded plastic top, a padded seat and a rail around the table’s edge to keep ammo from rolling off. It weighs about 60 pounds and the seat adjusts from 16 to 22 inches. For a premium hardwood top and lavish seat, upgrade to the BR Pivot bench. ($280 or $450 for the BR Pivot; BTIBrands.com)

GeoBallistics Weather Meter

Nothing impacts a bullet’s flight more than weather conditions. GeoBallistics’ Weather Meter helps take the guesswork out of the weather factor, giving you an added level of confidence each time you squeeze the trigger. It uses the BallisticsARC mobile app to calculate holdover for every shot. Wind, barometric pressure, density altitude, temperature, humidity and dew point, among other environmental factors, are all calculated instantly. It’s Bluetooth compatible with most hand-held devices and comes with a hard case. ($84.95; GeoBallistics.com)

Tactical Walls 1450 RFID Wall Safe

A locked gun is only useful if you can get to it in a hurry. Tactical Walls uses RFID technology to give you rapid access to your guns and valuables with the swipe of a card. The integrated safe is mounted directly into your wall and includes a stylish frame and full-length sliding mirror to disguise your safe. The 1450 includes two compartments, including one tall enough for an AR or similar long gun, and a smaller one ideal for a handgun and small personal belongings. ($690; TacticalWalls.com)

Double Long Gun Case

Whether you travel cross country or across town limits, Plano’s Mil Spec Double Long Gun Case can prevent your guns from getting beaten up and your scope from getting knocked off its zero. Made from premium quality materials, this case takes all the abuse baggage handlers can dish out while keeping your guns safe and sound. The interior’s high-density foam can be cut to fit and the case includes wheels for easy transport. ($219.99; PlanoMolding.com)

ESP Dynamic Hearing Protection

Huh? What? Spend enough time on the range or in the field and those will be your most common words. Unless, of course, you protect your hearing. One of the best ways to do that is with ESP’s Dynamic Hearing Protection system. It uses advanced digital technology to not only protect your hearing, but to amplify sounds at the same time. You can talk and shoot at the same time. The Dynamic has six automatic environmental settings and 16 channels and bands to pick up, calibrate and locate sounds all around you. Even better, it fits directly in your ear, allowing for unrestricted movement. It’s available in six colors. ($2,400; ESPAmerica.com)

Yankee Hill Machine Nitro Suppressor Kit

If silence is golden, YHM’s Nitro Suppressor Kit is a 14-karat ring topped with a big, fat diamond. It’s made from the highest-quality materials and comes with everything you need to soften the sound of your favorite rifle. The Nitro is full-auto rated and can handle everything from .300 Ultra Mag to .17 HMR. The kit comes with two .30 cal muzzle caps, including a flat cap and a muzzle break cap, a quick disconnect rear cap, a direct thread rear cap, two assembly wrenches, a heat-resistant pouch and a hard carry case. It also includes a stainless steel suppressor that weighs 18.2 ounces and is less than seven inches. ($890; YHM.net)

Hoppe’s Gun Medic Spray

Cleaning guns can be a pain, but Hoppe’s Gun Medic eases some of that pain with a fast, effective spray-on cleaning solution that evaporates in 60 seconds and leaves a thin layer of lube. It’s a great tool for a fast surface clean, but it’s also ideal for reaching into those deep crevices where dirt and fouling love to hide. Use Gun Medic every time you come in from the field or the range to prevent misfires, hang-ups and other dirt-related malfunctions. ($12.95; Hoppes.com)

Hornady RFID Rapid Safe

Keep your home defense handgun locked up and at the ready with Hornady’s RFID Rapid Safe. Accessible with an RFID wristband, key fob or sticker that opens the lid instantly, the safe holds handguns with barrels up to 6 inches. It comes with an AC power cord and includes a battery pack for back-up power. The Rapid Safe is built from 16-gauge steel and includes a 39-inch cable rated for 1,500 pounds for added security. The interior is 11x8x3 inches and the safe weighs less than 16 pounds. ($275.20; Hornady.com)

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16 Great New Shooting Accessories
by David Hart
2 June 16

Guns, ammo and optics are certainly important to shooters, but what about those other essential accessories and other pieces of gear? We’ve got you covered.

Any shooter can certainly get by with a gun and a handful of ammo, but what fun is that? Besides, it takes more than a rifle and a box of bullets to have a productive, fulfilling day at the range. You need stuff, lots of stuff.

Brass Magnet

Tired of picking up empties one at a time? Reloaders (and those who don’t like leaving brass on the ground) rejoice! Brass Magnet’s 100x144 inch nylon mesh blanket spreads out over a large enough area to catch all your empties, whether you shoot a .22 LR or a .50 BMG. Simply spread it out next to you and shoot, shoot, shoot. The edges are weighted to keep the mesh in place, and it includes Velcro so you can attach several together. It even comes with its own stuff sack for easy storage. ($159.95; BrassMagnet.com)

Electronic Shooters Protection Stealth

Guns are loud, but you don’t have to sacrifice your hearing to have some fun. ESP’s Stealth offers digital hearing protection that blocks out noises over 90 db while allowing you to hear voices and subtle sounds at the range or in the woods. The Stealth includes auto environmental control, advanced feedback control, 12 bands and two channels so you can customize your hearing protection. It’s available in five colors. ($2,100; ESPAmerica.com)

Killer Innovations Orias Chassis

A tack-driving rifle is a happy rifle, so make your Remington 700 jump for joy with the addition of a new Orias chassis. Built from aluminum, the chassis is made specifically for long and short Remington actions. A self-adjusting recoil lug locking system eliminates the need for any bedding, and the QD inserts are made from steel. It’s available in KeyMod and M-Lok configurations, it has an ambidextrous magazine release, and it is available in left-handed versions as well. ($808; Killer-Innovations.com)

Silencerco Hybrid

One suppressor for all your guns? Well, maybe not all of them, but the SilencerCo Hybrid is compatible with a variety of firearms and calibers, including .223 all the way up to .458 SOCOM. It’s full-auto and magnum rated, and it weighs just 13.8 ounces with a direct thread mount and is 7.8 inches long. ($999; SilencerCo.com)

Lyman AutoAdvance Target System

Change targets without the long walk downrange with Lyman’s new freestanding Auto Advance Target System. A remote control allows you to turn a 50-foot roll of targets from up to 200 yards away with a simple push of a button. It’s battery-operated, so there’s no need to find an outlet. Simply set it up and shoot. When you’re ready to change, push the remote. Targets are available in standard bull’s-eye, silhouette, small-bore and assorted animals. ($229.95; LymanProducts.com)

GroveTec Adjustable Sling

Tactical shooting calls for quick adjustments. GrovTec’s new adjustable tactical sling allows you to tighten or loosen your sling with a simple, quick pull on the attached thumb ring. This allows for transition from a close, cross-body carry to a fire-ready position almost instantly. It uses a heavy-duty, spring-loaded cam buckle and non-slip webbing to keep your gun where you want it, when you want it. ($53.32; GrovTec.com)

Champion Duraseal Carnival Duck

Shoot ducks all year with Champion’s new DuraSeal Challenge Series carnival duck. It’s made from revolutionary DuraSeal, a non-metal, self-sealing material that withstands countless shots from a wide variety of calibers, including .50 caliber. Make duck shooting as easy or as challenging as you want. The target includes a convenient hanging loop and is highly reactive to hits. You’ll know when you got this duck. ($21.95; ChampionTarget.com)

RamRodz Cleaning Swabs

Swab out the barrels of your .30-caliber rifle or your 12- and 20-gauge shotguns quickly and easily with RamRodz's newest cleaning tool. Made with industrial-grade, low-lint cotton, these cleaning swabs are fixed to a strong, flexible 3-inch bamboo handle, which attaches easily to any standard cleaning rod with the included adapter. The swab reaches down into your barrel's grooves to remove powder residue and copper fouling. ($9.95; RamRodz.com)


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