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From: Black_Beard10/4/19 7:22 PM 
To: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (47 of 86) 
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It is not a matter of finding politicians with spines. They all lack them and play for their own benefit. And if they are going to accuse a sitting President of High Crimes and Misdemeanors they had better make sure they have the hard evidence. And Pelosi knows it and knows what they have. And I would bet she does not think it is sufficient to turn the pub senate. The dems showed how impeachment can be stopped with Clinton and the pubs will do the same for tRUMP unless it can be definitively proven tRUMP did illegal things. 

Do you really think if Pelosi had the proper evidence she would not go after tRUMP?



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From: BlueManDude10/4/19 7:24 PM 
To: Black_Beard  (48 of 86) 
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You must get 90% of your news from the gateway pundit & the other 10% from fox news.


From: Marypickford DelphiPlus Member Icon10/4/19 9:38 PM 
To: Black_Beard  (49 of 86) 
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First off not everyone knows that. A large part of the population does not believe it.

Yes, because theyve been brainwashed for the last twenty years to think all dems are evil, and whatever they put forward is a lie. Do you thnk they have a right to ruin this nation when 60% of us actually see the truth? Independents are starting to see the truth now, which is why the numbers keep getting worse for Trump.


From: Black_Beard10/6/19 1:40 AM 
To: Marypickford DelphiPlus Member Icon  (50 of 86) 
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Mot of the population learns of their info through minute orations of less than 5 minutes. 

Most of society is indeed from childhood to adulthood taught, just like societal lifestyle, to be as their peers push them to be. It is easier to follow the crowd than to seek independent viewpoints.

Truth is a subjective thing from humanities' point of view.

We can only hope people can recognize the difference between reality and not manipulated propaganda.


From: Katana (ferdaig)10/6/19 3:28 AM 
To: Black_Beard  (51 of 86) 
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Black_Beard said...

Enforcing the law means having irrefutable evidence.

NO it doesn't.  It means having the ability to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.  Irrefutable is an impossible standard.  


From: Black_Beard10/7/19 1:07 AM 
To: Katana (ferdaig)  (52 of 86) 
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"Irrefutable is an impossible standard."

No it is not. That is what most convictions for crimes is built on. Evidence that cannot be refuted in a reasonable way. 

Shoot someone while someone else watches and then relates the scenario in court, and your lawyer cannot make the witnessed event seem doubtful and you basically have irrefutable evidence.



From: Marypickford DelphiPlus Member Icon10/7/19 4:12 PM 
To: Black_Beard  (53 of 86) 
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No it is not. That is what most convictions for crimes is built on. Evidence that cannot be refuted in a reasonable way. --

Black Beard- ever hear the term 

"Beyond a reasonable doubt?"

That is the standard that all judges tell their juries when making a judgement.

In no way is "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" equal to Irrefutable. Are you saying the President is above the law? Most certaintly, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump has committed multiple crimes. On the other hand, there is a lot of doubt about the lies put forward by Trump Allies to destroy their enemies, the democrats.

You stand accused of using double standards- one for those you agree with politically, and one much stricter and more impossible for Trump Administration crimes. Its as if we have a recording of Trump killing his mother in cold blood, and you ask-

Can you prove that this woman is not a clone of his mother, made by aliens to destroy him, and that he wasn't killing an evil alien woman?



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From: Black_Beard10/7/19 6:01 PM 
To: Marypickford DelphiPlus Member Icon  (54 of 86) 
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I do not believe you understand the meaning of "a reasonable doubt".

What would a juror use to determine guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? 

The defendant looks guilty? He dressed funny today. The defendant's lawyer's hair is messy. It's raining outside. All the news papers say he is guilty.

Really, what does a juror use to insure that the guilty verdict they have decided upon is reasonable? 

Irrefutable means one cannot prove the opposite of what has been asserted.



From: David (DAVEBUTLER) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/7/19 6:15 PM 
To: Black_Beard  (55 of 86) 
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"Irrefutable" is not the criminal standard of proof. 

Can't wait 'til you find out that the standard of proof in civil cases, which can give rise to billion-dollar judgments, is 'preponderance of the evidence', meaning anything more than 50% likely.


From: Black_Beard10/7/19 6:30 PM 
To: David (DAVEBUTLER) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (56 of 86) 
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I am familiar with the difference between "Preponderance of the Evidence" and "reasonable doubt".

Do you know what they have in common? Those who make such decisions, Is evidence as the base for making their decision.

Isn't that strange that in courts of law one must utilize evidence to win a case. 

For civil cases one must simply convince the jury that the crime was most likely committed by the defendant.

In a criminal case the jury must be sure the evidence is of sufficient unarguable truth that there is no doubt as to its validity. 

Both rely upon the weighing of the evidence.




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