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From: Dotsman12/29/21 5:57 PM 
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I distinguish between intelligence and education, though the two are totally compatible with each other.  IMO:  Education is exposure to information.  Intelligence is the ability to draw the correct inferences from that information -- an ability often called common sense.

A lack of education can be fixed.  A lack of intelligence -- not so much.


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From: VERNADEE12/29/21 6:16 PM 
To: Ishmael112  (102 of 109) 
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RE>>riding  with drunks>>

Most of us have, at one time or another, we did it without out considering consequences.. some of us did it often. 

There was no moral outrage in the 40's thru early 80's about driving while under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Or using it either.  It was accepted.. 

I think Diana was just a product of her time.  She was young, a member of a noble family, her father was an Earl, she got as much education as they and she believed she needed. She married Prince Charles at 20, He was 13 years her senior, a mature man and had been 'out in the royal world'.  She was a very young naive 20 with no real experience in life. She was totally not prepared for the life she got.  She might be considered ill educated today.  There was absolutely no expectation of her earning her own living. She had no skills in public living.  That was evident from the start.  The attention she got from the Press after her engagement both fascinated and repelled her.  Charles proved an impatient and bewildered husband who truly did not understand how she just did not get with the program and take her place in the Royal family.  He listened to his Granny who believed given time Diana would come 'round.  She did not.




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From: JohnDoe947 DelphiPlus Member Icon12/29/21 6:34 PM 
To: Dotsman  (103 of 109) 
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All true.


I would rather live a hard reality than a happy fantasy.


From: Ishmael11212/29/21 7:16 PM 
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I think we now agree. 


From: Ishmael11212/29/21 7:18 PM 
To: RebeccahQP  (105 of 109) 
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Plato was Socrates' student.  Plato reported Socrates' teaching in The Republic.


From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member Icon12/29/21 10:20 PM 
To: Dotsman  (106 of 109) 
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At the risk of diminishing the villain role religion always has played: the average person indulges in gullibility, superstition, illogic,   and pseudo-science anyway. It is exactly how the average human is woven. Surely, religions exploit that and create their own versions and brands. It is a means of controlling the narrative. It is, in its origin, an attempt at being tribal.

Among the multitudes of believers there are also those who search, who have good intentions, who seek truth or personal growth, and who are perfectly content with keeping it to themselves. To make them pliable, characters like Yahweh and Satan were invented.

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From: Dotsman12/29/21 11:40 PM 
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Along with how religion has exploited human gullibility, illogic and belief in pseudoscience can we also add the way Fox News does the same thing? 


From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member Icon12/30/21 12:06 AM 
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I wouldn’t. Fox news is a temporary fashion in a second rated country that does not take itself seriously. They reach about two million viewers during prime time in a country of 330 million.

Religion is a worldwide phenomenon through the ages that has at several instances literally dictated to the world. 


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From: VERNADEE12/30/21 1:28 PM 
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RE>>fox news>>

For not taking itself seriously Fox News has contributed greatly the the upheaval in the US.  It might be a jolly con job (wink wink) to a very few but many people _do_ live by it as near gospel.  Those are people who secretly and not so secretly advocate for turning the Republic upside down and coming out with a Oligarchy.  

Marjorie Taylor Greene is now suggesting that we need to start thinking of this schism as a National Divorce.

She supports the idea that perhaps people from 'blue states' moving to 'red states' lose voting rights (for a while) until they can 'adjust' their thinking. 

As nuts as this sounds, it  has some support.  It was suggested by more than person  that Democrats, libertarians etc moving into strong republican conservative states should pay a tax annually in order to live there. 

As an outlander in Florida I see this as logical progressive thinking on the part of the Florida Republican party.   The South has _never_ forgotten what they see as truth: they were a separate nation, equal to the United States as it stood at that time.  



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