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From: ACEofALLacesOct-13 5:49 PM 
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Indeed, the "woke police" WILL be the end of us all.


From: ElDotardo DelphiPlus Member IconOct-27 12:30 PM 
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From: ACEofALLacesOct-27 1:16 PM 
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No, it's NOT psychiatry....it's more like INSANITY!~


From: ElDotardo DelphiPlus Member IconOct-27 5:16 PM 
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From: RRBudOct-27 6:38 PM 
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And dishonest. to boot. Unacceptable all around.

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From: ElDotardo DelphiPlus Member IconOct-28 9:12 AM 
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Time to push back . . . hard . . .

. . . wet if necessary . . .

Hend Amry on Twitter: ""When all else fails, vote from the rooftops." If  that's not terrorism,then I hate tacos*. *i love tacos so much  https://t.co/G8vd3YHguJ"



From: RRBudOct-29 2:18 PM 
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Definitely time to change out those Senators!

From: ElDotardo DelphiPlus Member IconOct-30 10:33 AM 
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So many changeable things . . .

Not Even MLB Is Woke Enough to Suit PETA

When I swore off baseball forever after seeing the players kneel to leftist rioters, it seemed MLB could not possibly become more woke. But progressives always progress to new depths of derangement. Not even pro baseball is politically correct enough to suit PETA. Now we learn that the term “bullpen” is offensive to cows and has “speciesist roots.”

This on the level:

In a statement issued Thursday by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the animal rights organization made it clear they find the term “bullpen” to be mocking towards the “misery of sensitive animals.”

PETA demands that the bullpen henceforth be referred to as the “arm barn.”

Wait until PETA learns what the outside of a baseball is made out of. If they could figure out a race angle, they could bully MLB into using Whiffle Balls.




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